Products such as tampons and sanitary pads have been major enablers in empowering women. As the industry is looking to create products that physically empower more women, previous inventions and products have facilitated major environmental concerns. As a solution to such pertinent yet pressing issues, the industry has bettered its standards to come up with reusable and sustainable products called period underwear. Here is everything you should know. 

What are Period Panties? 

Period panties are barrier products that can help keep your sanitary pads in place without the risk of being crumpled or shifted. It is an incontinence product that has a non-removable pad inserted in the pad area. Furthermore, a waterproof backing is provided for adding anti-leaking properties. With sewn-in padding and a varied range of absorbency available, women can better adapt to these products over traditional underwear. 

Why are Period Panties a Better Choice? 

1 Environmental-Friendly 

With traditional pads and tampons, the primary issue was the fact that these products and packaging were heavily reliant on plastic. Without proper disposal systems in place, landfills have become massive dumping grounds for plastic products. Did you know that one regular-sized pad is equivalent to four plastic bags? 

With reusable period panties, these issues will fail to be pertinent. These are made of 100% natural fibres (cotton) that not only make it feel more natural against the skin but also make it a more sustainable option. 

2 Reusability 

Period underwear doesn’t make sense if it is not reusable. These products last for a minimum of three to five years, depending on the menstrual flow and usage. Unlike traditional pads and tampons that are one-time use, cold washing and pre-soaking period panties for two hours can help wipe out any microbial activity. Post this, you can throw them for a normal wash cycle in your washing machine. Air-dry them where you get plenty of sun, and you are good to go! 

3 No More Breaks From Swimming! 

Tampons were able to cut a majority of the market because they empowered women physically in swimming garb to access pools irrespective of their menstrual cycles. Posed as a major market competitor, period panties with quality waterproof properties and high absorbency makes women enjoy otherwise unthinkable opportunities! 

4 User-Friendly 

If it is not user-friendly, there is no sense in cheering for it. The idea behind coming up with such a product is to add more positive attributes to the products people already had on the market, and compromising on the quality of use would be a massive step-down. To put on period panties, simply pop them up like your traditional knickers. Ensure that the lining fits the crevices of your buttocks and inner thigh properly to avoid leaking and staining. 

5 No Surprises

As most women can anticipate their cycles and bleeding patterns, carrying a pair of period panties or simply putting them on for the day can be a life-saving moment for many. Women dread running out of menstrual products and getting caught in off-guard situations. With these products on, there is no last-minute rush to find a pharmaceutical store or public washrooms.

Final Words

Old habits die hard. Women who are habituated to using sanitary napkins and tampons for a better part of their lives may have a hard time getting accustomed to period underwear. However, with period panties often acknowledged with ‘free bleeding’ anecdotes, it can be quite liberating for women. 

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