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A beautiful and functionally sound bathroom may be the dream of everyone. A bathroom is not only an essential part of a house but also creates an opinion among visitors and guests. A clean, decorated and well-planned bathroom is the key to hospitality and building a lasting impression.

While each one of us pines for that perfect bathroom but it is a fact that designing a bathroom can be both an exhilarating and daunting task. From flooring to tiles to the attachments, it is a gargantuan task at hand. And this could also turn out to be an expensive one without proper knowledge or professional guidance.

Designing a bathroom is a complicated job as certain things need to be prioritised over others and again certain elements that will ultimately bring the overall look together. So, before you jump into the bathroom designing task, here is a checklist of the essentials that need to be taken care of.

The Bathroom Design Elements:

Needless to say, that bathroom makes for an essential space in a house. Although, it takes up a comparatively smaller area but has a greater impact on everyday life. From using it multiple times in a day to maintain health and hygiene to getting ready before heading out, the bathroom is no doubt one important place.

So whether you are upgrading the bathroom or designing a new one, these are the primary elements that come before anything else.

Bathroom Flooring

Shower tile





Other Hardware.

Bathroom Flooring:

Flooring is one intricate part that needs to be taken care of at the early stage of planning. The bathroom flooring will be exposed to a variety of things like toothpaste, washbasin splutters, etc and so it needs to be prepared to face everything. Although there are plenty of options for flooring, Parquet laminate flooring can be a great choice as it balances out the overall decor and design. Moreover, this type of flooring can be paired with a variety of other bathroom essentials elegantly.

The Parquet laminate flooring with its natural wood colour helps in giving a sophisticated look to your bathroom. In addition, these laminate floorings are easy to install and maintain along with being durable. Opting for these flooring solutions will also be light on your wallet but high on the decorative factor.

Shower Tile:

Shower tiles are made of materials that are resistant to moisture and so is the ideal inclusion in places that are prone to be wet. Tiles help to protect the walls from overexposure to moisture, are easy to maintain, look aesthetically pleasing and are long-lasting along with being heat safe.

There are also plenty of options in the tile unit ranging from budget-friendly options to expensive ones. The porcelain tiles have a diverse collection with greater water resistance capacity, the glazed ceramics tiles are easy to maintain and are durable, and the glass tiles can be an aesthetic wonder that can uplift the overall look of the bathroom.


It is extremely essential to work out where the toilet fitting is to be made as the entire plumbing requirements will be based on it. This is probably the first piece of sanitary ware that you need to figure out for your bathroom. You can come across a variety of options in this area like wall-mounted, rimless, floor-standing, etc. and can make the choice based on personal need and comfort. Just like the wall-mounted or rimmed seat toilet is an ideal selection when the user is elderly or a kid. The wall-mounted toilet allows the liberty to fix it according to preference and the rimmed seats avoid slipping.


Another popular and useful sanitary ware in a bathroom is the bathroom sink. The sink is functional in use for several bathroom activities like handwashing, face washing, brushing, etc. And so investing in a good quality sink will not only elevate the bathroom decor but also will be durable along with helping to maintain heal and hygiene.


The bathtub is not only functional as a bathing tool but can also be the centrepiece for bathroom decor. The bathtub takes up a significant amount of space and so attracts all the attention. While designing a bathroom, if you are incorporating a bathtub, you should figure out a way to build the entire decor around this bathing unit.

Of late, Copper baths are back in style and are much loved by homeowners. The metallic properties of copper help to retain the heat of the water for a longer period than traditional bathtubs. Moreover, their antibacterial property makes them perfect bathing tools to maintain health. And along with its irreplaceable qualities, the copper baths are aesthetically stunning and make for a very positive addition to the bathroom decor.

Vanity and other Hardware:

While designing a bathroom you should also pay special attention to the vanity area which would include a mirror and storage. Since these will be the last addition to a bathroom, try to decide upon something that can bind the overall design of the bathroom and create an impressive decor.

There are plenty of options in a mirror, like the size and shape, and also with the storage solutions. It is also recommended to always opt for quality fittings to avoid any leakage or dripping of water in the long run. In addition, lighting is also a major addition to designing a bathroom. You can look up the internet for lighting inspirations so that your bathroom doesn’t look dull without proper lighting settings.

Wrapping Up

This was all that you can start with when designing a bathroom. Whether you are opting for a traditional bathroom design or a very minimalistic modern design, these are the elements that will always play the most important parts. On the other hand, you can also go for a timeless theme with Copper baths and similar fittings and other inclusions to create an everlasting impression with your bathroom.

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