Convert Premises into home

It is becoming a more common question to find out how much it costs for premises to be converted into a home. The transformation of a space into a home can indeed bring many benefits.

This type of property has many advantages, but the most important is the lower purchase price. It can also be adapted to your tastes and needs depending on your preferences.

What is the cost of converting a property into a home?

It is important to consider the type of premises and the purpose of the reform before you can determine how much it will cost to convert a property into a home. In setting the price, the square meters and work required will determine the cost.

However, it must go through several procedures before the reform can be started. This includes obtaining the necessary licenses to invest in them and including them in the budget.


This should be included in the breakdown of the budget to reform commercial properties into a home or lofts.

  • A qualified professional will prepare your project.
  • Work permit
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Construction and works.


A technician must prepare a project for a change in use before a building permit can be requested to begin the renovation of the premises. To do this one must be prepared to confirm that the user change is permitted by the city regulations.

Also, this involves a feasibility study to determine if the property can be converted into housing.

After all of these steps are completed, it is time to begin the change-of-use project. Commonly, the architect responsible for preparing the project also handles other procedures such as the building permit, construction management, obtaining a certificate of occupancy, and so on.

Work license

Most commonly, the change in commercial premises’ use means there must be some form of property reform. The license is for major or minor works, depending on the extent of the reform.

Also, the cost of construction will determine the price. The cost of a building license is usually between 4% to 6% of the total work budget.

Certificate certifying occupancy

As mentioned at the beginning, must be habitable to convert commercial premises into homes. Once the necessary conditioning work has been completed, the certificate of occupancy will need to be processed.

Also, the cost of a habitability certificate varies depending on where it is issued.

After the work is done to convert the local into a home you must request the First Occupation License. This will vary depending on the size of the property. 

Construction work and building sites

The budget for each type of reform will vary depending on what you are trying to do. It is common to decide to complete a comprehensive reform to give your property a complete facelift.

Comprehensive reform can be expensive. However, it all depends on how the materials are chosen.

Ideas to turn commercial premises into your new home

You may already have an idea of the changes you would like to make to the property to make it a home. We suggest these options if that is not the case.


You can condition industrial premises while keeping the style. You can make a big decision about decoration by considering the current facilities.


You may need to replace the windows depending on what type of building you are trying to renovate. If you are looking to transform commercial premises into windows, you can add privacy elements such as curtains, and translucent or laminated glasses. You can open holes to install windows if there is not enough natural light.

Mezzanine bedroom

According to the Basement renovations Georgina Specialists, You can place a bedroom on the mezzanine if the ceilings are very high. This is a great way to maximize the space available for lofts. This is a great way to gain more privacy in an open area.


You can reduce heat loss and thermal insulation by changing your windows. You can also improve the property’s acoustic insulation.

Contact professional home renovators if you are interested in a comprehensive home reform that will produce the results you desire. They will help you build the home of your dreams.

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