One of the most visited countries and among the travel wish list for many, England has a lot to offer if you want to have a good time knowing this historically rich and culturally diverse country. With so many heritage sites and a plethora of beautiful locations, England has been a favorite destination for tourists for many years.

Why England Is A Great Travel Option For You In 2023?

Whether it is your first visit or your umpteenth visit, England has a lot to offer to you every time. One of the best things about the place is there are many notable landmarks that are famous throughout the world. In addition, England is known to have inspired many places in the world, either through its philosophy, language, literature or through its political system.

On a side note, England has one of the highest immigration rates. This is probably because of the quality of life and business opportunities. However, the government of the UK has introduced new laws to control their immigration rates in recent years. Therefore, if you want to start living in England, try to avail the services of the best immigration lawyers near you, who will introduce you to the various immigration laws of England.

The Best Places That Are A Must-Visit In England In 2023

If you are a first-time visitor, start by experiencing the major highlights of the country. The following are the best places that are a must-visit if you are traveling to England for the first time in 2023:

1. London

If you visit England, you will probably land in the capital city of London. Once the capital of the British Empire, London is the city that played a huge role in shaping the modern history of the world. Once you visit there, the best place to start is visiting the iconic Westminster district, where all the political institutions of the country are located. 

Buckingham Palace, or the residence of the English monarch, is one of the main sites of the city. Apart from that, you can also go shopping in Carnaby Street, ride the red double-decker bus, or take a ride in the famous London metro. Apart from that, you will find some of the best cuisines and diners in and around the city.

2. Brighton

With a two-hour drive from London, you can reach another famous place in England named Brighton. This is one of the oldest and most popular beach resorts. Located on the coast of Sussex, it is a popular trip location among the locals as well.

The place is full of Victorian homes, which are really a treat to the eyes of the traveler. Apart from that, you can admire the gardens near Palace Pier. Furthermore, if you are looking for a quiet getaway from the fast city life of London, Brighton is the place to be.

3. Bath

This place got its name from the famous Roman hot-spring baths created by Romans in the first century AD. The place is famous for its luxury living and amazing spas. Apart from that, you can also find some of the best cultural settings with fine diners and brilliant theatre halls.

4. St. Ives

The former fishing town, St. Ives, is now a famous holiday resort in England. Apart from that, the place is full of hilly areas with narrow streets made of cobblestones. Furthermore, you will also find interesting art galleries in the area.

5. Lake District

This place comes straight out of the poetry of William Wordsworth. One of the most beautiful natural destinations in England, Lake District is basically a national park. Apart from that, it is a great place for mountain climbers and hikers to enjoy. Once you reach there, do not forget to see Scafell Peak and the lake named Windermere.

6. Cambridge

This place is mostly known for one of the most famous and respected Universities in the world, the University of Cambridge. Some of the famous geniuses of the world are churned in this place. In addition, this place has a lot of historical significance. After you do sightseeing at all the historical locations and museums, consider taking a boat ride on the Cam River.

7. Oxford

Another city which is famous for its university. The University of Oxford attracts some of the best minds in the world and also has created many geniuses throughout history. This is one of the oldest English universities in the world. Apart from that, you can also visit the Norman castles in Oxfordshire. Also, check out the Christ Church Cathedral.

8. York

This is the place of the meeting of two rivers, namely Foss and Ouse. The city is walled and has some of the famous architectural wonders of England. Check out the famous stone cathedral named York Minster, as well as the medieval Tower of Clifford. A place is a great option for history buffs.

9. Stonehenge

When you are in Bath, you can take a quick one-hour ride to Stonehenge. This is one of the famous wonders of the world and a Bronze Age site from 2500 BC. As per archaeologists, Stonehenge took more than nine hundred years to complete. 

10. Stratford Upon Avon

If you are a lover of British literature, this is probably a pilgrimage site for you. The Stratfor upon Avon is the birthplace of the Bard William Shakespeare. You can visit his residence area, where you will also get to know about various other authors and English culture in general.

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Final Thought

If you read a lot of British Literature, you must have already known about half of England by just the vivid descriptions given in some of the books. However, the real experience of England with the naked eye is quite different from what you can read either through books or through this article.

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