physiotherapy at home in Dubai

To treat patients, physiotherapy combines comprehensive knowledge of how the body works with techniques that have been scientifically demonstrated to work. Physiotherapy aids in a patient’s pain management or healing after surgery or injury. Even if surgery is required, pre-surgical therapy is beneficial. In many cases, if you are more robust and in better shape before surgery, you will recover from it more rapidly. By avoiding surgery, health care costs are also reduced.

Before getting physiotherapy in Dubai or beginning physiotherapy sessions, patients are assessed, and their physiotherapists check their history of medical conditions. It enables the physiotherapist to create the ideal training program that carefully and safely tests the balance.

Professional physiotherapists can perform particular maneuvers to swiftly restore the sensory system’s appropriate function and lessen vertigo or dizziness sensations when the patient’s vestibular system is the source of their balance issue. If you want professional physiotherapy in Dubai, contact Call Doctor 800 200 400.

Preventive Physiotherapy

Preventive physiotherapy can aid in a person’s overall wellness maintenance and assist in treating or managing various diseases. Boost your mobility with the help of physical therapy sessions; it can assist if you have difficulty standing, walking, or moving. Exercises for flexibility and strengthening your muscles might help you regain your mobility.

Physiotherapists can assess for orthotic prescription and properly fit someone with a cane, crutches, or assistive equipment. Creating a personalized care plan can practice any activity that is significant to a person’s life.

Sports physiotherapy

Physiotherapists know many sports that increase your risk of specific injuries (such as stress fractures for distance runners). They can design specialized workout plans for recovery or preventative purposes to ensure a safe return to your sport.

Improve your balance to stop falling while playing any sports. Before beginning physiotherapy at home, a fall risk assessment will be performed on you. Your therapist will offer exercises that slowly and safely test your balance to mimic real-life situations. Additionally, your physiotherapists might provide practices and walking aids to help restore your coordination and help with balance issues.

Physiotherapy for disabled patients

Sadly, many disabled and physically unfit patients cannot access conventional clinics. Even though UAE seeks to be a more inclusive society, many modern buildings are not the most accessible to people with disabilities. Steps and confined areas might not be an issue for most people, but if you move around in a wheelchair, they provide significant challenges.

Therapeutic exercises

Below are a few ailments therapies where physiotherapy has been shown to assist patients in getting the best results. Removes or lessens pain to treat conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, muscle strain/sprain, etc.; therapeutic exercises and procedures like soft tissue mobilization or the use of modalities like ultrasound, IFT, and TENS can be used. These treatments also aid in reducing the recurrence of discomfort.

Physiotherapy in Dubai

Physiotherapy is less expensive than many think and less costly and time-consuming than several doctor visits, medical tests, prescription painkillers, and surgery. Before visiting a doctor, you can speak with a physiotherapist if you are in pain due to an injury. Moreover, physical therapists can often be recommended to patients following surgery to help them recover.

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