Predict Dangerous Driver Behaviour with Fleet Management Software

Risky Driver Behaviour is tough to spot remotely. This is what fleet managers are battling with for years. However, today fleet management software has granted visibility into fleet operations. No matter what hour of the day it is, or how far the fleet manager is from the vehicle, he knows its whereabouts. 

Similarly, with driver behaviour analysis you can monitor driving activity on the road. The fleet tracking platforms help managers predict the risky driving behaviour of drivers out on duty. 

What is Considered Dangerous Driving Behaviour?

Drivers know when they are driving dangerously. Rash driving is one of the biggest reasons for road accidents, yet drivers risk their lives and consignment safety for timely deliveries. Things get tricky, especially in urban cities where the traffic conditions are not at all favourable. 

Here it’s completely on the driver how to tackle such situations. However, the following are some unexpected driving behaviours from a commercial driver. 

Overspeeding in the cities

  • For every commercial vehicle, speed restriction is a must for the driver does not only have to take care of himself and the vehicle but also of the consignment. Also, nobody likes to spend extra on challans to get the work done. When it comes to commercial vehicles, challans on them are gigantic. Cutting on challans alone can save fleet owners truckloads of money. 

Harsh braking, acceleration and cornering

  • As mentioned above harsh driving can alone guzzle a huge amount of fuel. Abrupt braking and acceleration not only result in bad mileage but also has a negative impact on the engine and the conditions of the tyres. This also puts the consignment in the jeopardy for delicate items such as glass pieces, electronic items, etc. 

Excessive Driving Hours

  • Monitoring hours of work (HOS) is an essential compliance that is mandatory across the globe for drivers. Either under the labour laws of the country or the transport authorities, it’s important to keep a record of the number of hours the drivers are on the road. If drivers are driving for longer than they are in the one go, then that is not just against the law but also dangerous. They may feel sleepy while they are driving. This will refrain them from concentrating on the road, hence, leading to accidents. 

Distracted Driving

  • By distracted driving we mean drivers are not focusing on the road. We understand driving on deserted highways can be very tedious but that’s part of a driver’s job, right? Drivers tend to speak on the phone while driving or groove to the music, which distracts them from keeping their eye on the road.

The list of bad driving practices is a little longer which also includes taking detours quite often, taking longer halts and leaving vehicles idle for very long. These practices are bad for fleet efficiency but not dangerous. 

Fleet Management Software Helps Predict Dangerous Driving Behaviour

Yes, it does! But how?

Fleet management software that offers driver behaviour monitoring makes it a cakewalk for managers to spot dangerous driving practices. But with video telematics solutions it becomes all the easier to monitor these metrics. 

What are the features that come in handy in predicting bad driving behaviour?

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Driver Monitoring System or DMS is the feature of video telematics software wherein the dashcam monitors the driving behaviour in the cabin while the driver is on the move. The dashcam is linked to the software. Every time the software detects the event of distracted driving, it triggers an alert.  

Common Events that TrackoBit’s DMS triggers alerts for:

  • Smoking
  • On the Phone
  • Distracted
  • Yawning
  • Sleeping
  • Driver Absence

Automatics Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

While the DMS mainly focus on the in-cabin activities of the drivers, ADAS encompasses the on-road diving practices. No matter how many cameras you place on the exterior of the vehicle, TrackoBit can generate alerts for as many activities as the hardware can support.

The common ADAS events that TrackoBit can generate alerts for:

  • Signal Violation
  • Lane Switch
  • Forward and back collins
  • Pedestrian Proximity
  • Blind spot detection
  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh acceleration and braking

Driver Scoreboard

The modern-day fleet monitoring software is equipped enough to not only monitor drivers’ movements but also analyse their driving practices. With the help of advanced automation and the latest technology in place, TrackoBit has developed a SaaS-based Fleet management platform that delivers driver scores for each driver that’s on the software. The system also generates the trip-wise score and overall driver score. This way it’s easier to spot the best and the worst-performing drivers in the team. 

Driver Behaviour Reports

What’s the point in monitoring different aspects of fleet operations if the insights can’t be presented in the form of metrics? Sounds, logical, right? Driver behaviour reports give you insights into your fleet’s driving force. How are they operating on the field? Are they taking regular breaks or driving continuously? What malpractices do they perform the most? Trip-wise reports show, which routes drivers perform the best on and what routes bring out the worst in them. 

Does Predicting Bad Driving Practices Help Improve Fleet Efficiency?

Predictive analysis is what most industries are relying on to plan their next quarter or year. Well, the fleet industry is no different. Taking help from fleet management software to predict the commonly committed driving practices of individual drivers will have a positive impact on fleet efficiency. 

Data collected from video telematics solutions can help understand the in-cabin activities of the driver. How often does an individual feel drowsy, or smoke while driving? Distracted and careless driving alone causes 24.3% of accidents in India. DMS reports and analysis can help fleet managers train their drivers. This includes both the in-cabin behaviour and the on-road driving practices. 

Individual scores of the drivers along with the driving reports present the weak and the strong areas of the drivers. These metrics help fleet managers form different groups of drivers showing similar characteristics. Driving workshops will not just enhance their driving skills but also, improve the overall efficiency of the fleet which will reflect in the numbers in a matter of months. 

What’s the Best Fleet Management Software with Driver Behaviour Analysis?

If you’ll scout for advanced driver behaviour management in the market that offers reliable and accurate driver behaviour analysis, your search will end at TrackoBit. So, we’ll save you the hassle and direct you straight to the experts at TrackoBit. Reach out to them and get answers to all your queries.

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