When it comes to a wedding venue hire, it may seem quite a challenging task. Making a decision to choose the best one from a number of options makes it very overwhelming for you. Also, the wedding venue hire must be accessible, should be equipped with all the assets and provide excellent service such that it caters to your event’s requirements. In today’s world, the trend is that wedding is a private affair accompanied by family and close friends. The remaining acquaintances can be invited to the reception party after the marriage instead of inviting them to the wedding.

You should choose a small venue if your wedding is a private and small ceremony. If the number of guests is 100 or even more, the wisest way to go ahead is to choose a room designed to host wedding receptions. These rooms usually have all the facilities which are usually required. However, in case the number of guests is lesser than 100, you can look for other options. 

More effective tips on choosing the best wedding venue hire: 

Agreeing on a common point- One very obvious but very important tip is that before charging off & opt for the wedding venue hire, you need to ensure that both your fiancé and you are aiming at the same kind of wedding & reception venue. For example, one of you may be fascinated with the idea of getting married in a dream destination abroad, and your partner should agree with this idea.

Plan your wedding theme- It sounds to be a very inviting proposition to get married on a beautiful sun-drenched beach & then celebrate with family and friends with a lavish lunch in a dining area that oversees the sea. But planning a wedding abroad can be risky because most guests may not turn up. After all, they may not be able to take time out to visit a destination abroad or may not be willing to spend a lot on travel only to visit a wedding party.

Suppose you are planning to go for a wedding venue hire abroad, in such cases. In that case, you should necessarily sponsor the travel and accommodation costs of the guests to ensure that they turn up and make your wedding party successful. 

The different types of wedding venue hire available:

Several wedding venues are available, including historical places like wine estates or castles, star hotels, theme parks, and botanical gardens. In case you have a limited budget, you may consider affordable options of wedding venue hire like a village hall or a friend’s spacious garden.

This can seem to be surprised how simple decorations have the potential to transform a simple place into a breathtaking wedding venue.

If you have decided to hire one marquee, the bases are fully covered if it is a rainy season. Also, the marque can be easily and conveniently decorated with a few colourful voiles, balloons, ribbon & fresh flowers. This is a very affordable yet impressive way of decorating the wedding venue hire. 

Checklist to keep handy while finalizing a wedding venue hire:

While considering several wedding venues to choose the most suitable one, there are a few factors that you should determine for making the best and informed choice. The following things are to be taken into account: 

  • Are adequate and clean toilet facilities for the guests arriving at the wedding?
  • Is there any access to wheelchairs for the elderly guests visiting the wedding? 
  • Is this venue fairly near to where the marriage ceremony will be held? 
  • Are there adequate parking facilities for the guests who arrive at the wedding venue? 
  • Are there any nature of restrictions in terms of smoking and consuming alcohol? 
  • Is there any restriction on extending the party till late at night? 
  • Does this wedding venue hire offer accommodation overnight to the guests? 
  • Are there any extra facilities for keeping your children amused in this wedding venue? 
Wedding Venue Hire


You now have the important pointers that should be a part of your wedding venue hire checklist. With this, you will surely make a great choice. Also, you should necessarily choose a wedding venue hire that offers adequate space to accommodate the total number of guests in the venue. So, keep the above-discussed checklist handy and choose an amazing wedding venue for your special day. 

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