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We think that a digital marketing strategy is crucial for marketers to take advantage of the rising digital marketing prospects for attracting and maintaining consumers. So, you can make more sales.

ZM Communication’s digital marketing agency in Mississauga their digital marketing strategy for growth helps you shape your digital marketing plan around your consumers.

Your 5-stage digital marketing plan

We advocate using the RACE Framework to organize your marketing plan, integrated across Plan, Reach, Act, Convert and Engage.

Establishing a successful digital marketing strategy includes these 5 phases, which nurture the consumer through their experiences with your brand while affecting their decision-making process and lifetime value.

The RACE Framework is a simplified, practical marketing framework that may be adjusted up or down according to your business goals.

The five steps of strategic digital marketing planning are plan, reach, act, convert, and engage. This part will highlight the important success elements for each step of your digital marketing plan.


Every great digital marketing strategy starts with a plan! We recommend you apply a data-driven strategy, analyze your existing digital marketing performance, and aim to improve from there.

To guarantee your digital marketing strategy runs efficiently and successfully, we advocate a digitally-focused approach to strategy and planning.

We created this framework for marketers and managers to develop a fully integrated, data-driven, realistic digital marketing funnel to support their business’ overall goal.

Using our 5-stage digital marketing strategy, you can expand your audience, foster meaningful interactions, increase sales, and inspire brand loyalty and evangelism.


Strengthen your marketing funnel by reaching more consumers and creating awareness. In order to increase site traffic, you should base your digital marketing plan on the most up-to-date, effective online marketing strategies.

Smart Insights users may remain up to speed with the newest marketing approaches throughout each level of the RACE Framework.

It will be especially critical in 2022-23 to keep an eye on core upgrades, as many advertisers will be dealing with drastically different traffic numbers as a result of the changes made in May of that year.

Moz’ most recent review of SERPs Features draws attention to key areas, such as Related Questions, that may be improved by focusing on structured data.

If you’re trying to reach consumers in a certain area, you should make sure your site is optimized for the new patterns of term use that the growth of voice searches has triggered.


Encourage conversations on your website or social media to assist you in producing leads for the future. After connecting with your target demographic, it is critical to encourage them to take the next step in the buying process.

Marketers’ Focus on Content

This is where you may benefit from content marketing with a strategy. Use content marketing to entertain, inspire, educate, and convince prospective converts during their customer lifetime.

User experience (UX/CX)

To influence consumer behavior on your site or social media platforms, you should also look at the present wide variety of advancements in interaction design.


Of all, acquiring more paying clients is the ultimate goal of any methodical digital marketing plan. If you want more people to buy from you online, you need to use retargeting, nurturing, and conversion rate optimization.

Think about implementing optimized, continuous processes. One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the availability of testing. Yet, many companies still don’t use this to their advantage.

Review the sophistication of your website personalization. SmarterHQ found that 91 percent of customers are more inclined to buy from businesses that offer customized content.

Thirty percent of customers claim they would buy anything only by clicking a link on a social networking site.

Participate actively

Finally, after you’ve worked so hard to attract them, you may improve sales for existing customers by keeping them engaged after their initial purchase.

Improve your tailored communications to develop hyper-personalized marketing campaigns. Customer engagement research and testing alternatives for digital marketers nowadays include:

  • A/B testing
  • Characterizations of Typical Customers
  • Content mapping and the customer’s journey
  • Voice of consumer surveys
  • Path analysis
  • Surveys of website visitors’ intentions
  • Usability studies of digital encounters
  • A Multi-Factor Analysis of Variables

Best send times to engage an individual (maybe based on when they first bought or subscribed, but you can modify this via time.)

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