Stock Market Astrology

What exactly is Astrology in Stock Market?

A field of economic thought that is distinct from the mainstream is known as Stock Market Astrology. Astro-economics, economic astrology, and business astrology are all names that have been used to refer to this field. The vast majority of economists are unwilling to recognize the scientific basis for this concept. Because of this, the vast majority of people have never heard of relating and predicting occurrences in financial markets using astrology.

Financial astrologers, like other economists, may be divided into a lot of subfields, much like other economists. The way in which they interpret astronomical data has a direct bearing on this aspect. Astrologers that specialize in finance may draw on a wide range of resources, including, but not limited to, the fields of astronomy, geometry, and (ancient) mathematics.

The astronomical data that is used to anticipate the stock market may be used in a variety of different ways, which is also true of the data itself. The following is a list of frequent situations in which astrology may be of assistance:

  • Determining the best date and time to purchase or sell a stock or asset
  • Linking the movement of the stock market to an astrological attribute that may be predicted by the movement of the stock market
  • Keeping tabs on the factors that affect human behavior
  • Identifying a sector in which investors might make money within a certain time frame
  • Relating the cycles of economic trend cycles to the orbital periods of particular planets

The Connection between Astrology and the Stock Market

Despite the fact that Stock Market Astrology is often used to make choices regarding the stock market (especially in Asian nations such as China and India), and despite the fact that there have been prosperous investors who have employed it, there is no scientific evidence that financial astrology is helpful. This runs counter to the opinions of a great number of different sorts of financial experts, some of whom may present scientific facts to back up their forecasts.

A geopolitical analyst might present global maps from the previous several decades and highlight how the stock market is influenced by strategic geopolitical advancement. A price/volume chart, together with certain emotional responses like fear and greed, might provide a technical analyst with the evidence needed to establish his opinion about price fluctuations. A fundamental analyst may be able to substantiate his theory by demonstrating patterns of company performance and cash flow over a certain period of time and demonstrating how those patterns impact the stock market.

One of the following explanations might be advanced to explain why there are or have been successful financial astrologers in the past:

  • In addition to using their astrological strategies, they also take into account the impact of many market aspects that can’t be predicted by astrology.
  • Having an unusually good run of luck with their forecasts, given that the probability of a successful trend prediction for an investment is around 33 percent at any given time (it can go up, down or stagnate).

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