How to draw a Crow

How to draw a Crow. Crow is a bird that has represented misfortune and sadness in many cultures around the world. This reputation can come from their appearances in many myths and mythologies of history and are also common in scary movies and stories. Despite their sinister reputation, many people love them and like to learn to draw a crow.

It is the perfect guide for you if you are one of those people! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Crow

Step 1:

Making a drawing with thinner details can be difficult if you get blinded, but planning the drawing in advance can be much easier. For this reason, we will do some planning in this first stage of our guide on how to draw a crow. To do this, you will use a pencil to draw the crude contour of the crow you will draw.

Using the reference image as a guide, use your pencil to draw the outline we map to you. Then, after outlining, you can start using the pen to navigate the head and get around your crow.

Step 2:

We will continue to add details of the pen line to the design of your crow at this next step. First, you can draw some details for the mouth in your nozzle and use a small circle for the crow’s eyes. Then, after drawing, you can navigate carefully on the pencil lines for the wings you designed in the first step. As we mentioned, you can add more refined details when drawing these pen lines.

Step 3:

Before drawing more crows in the next steps of our guide on how to draw a crow, you will add feather details to the wings of this third part. To do this, draw curved lines that connect to form the standard of feathers you see in the reference image. It will help make your Raven draw even more realistic.

Step 4:

We don’t end the feathers of your crow design! For this step, you can add some smaller details to the bird’s chest, body, and tail. As you can visit in the connection image, other crow parts will have separate lines. Those on the neck and legs will be smaller and curved, while the tail will have more straight lines. These lines are useful for adding a certain variation to the image.

Step 5:

How to draw a Crow

It’s time to focus on the legs and the final details of the bird at this stage of our guide on how to draw a crow. To your legs, you will continue as you did to the other parts of the crow. Use your pen to navigate the lines and add the final details we show in our reference image. You can also erase all pencil lines from the first step if you haven’t done it yet! When the legs are designed, do this to all the details of this guide! 

Before continuing, you can add all the details or items you want for the drawing. One of the best ways to customize a drawing is to add a beautiful background because it can help create the image atmosphere. What kind of context can you think about the design of your crow? Maybe you can draw a frightening house in the background or a cornfield. Be sure to let your creativity flow when this image finishes!

Step 6:

How to draw a Crow

You worked hard to finish the latest details of your crow drawing, and now relax with a color! The crows are known for their black jet coloration, and that’s what we went to our reference image. This color game may seem limited, but you can always be creative! Even if you keep the black diagram intact, you can change it. It may include using different shades of black and gray so that the crow gives it or going stylistic with it and using bright and vibrant colors!

If you have designed additional details or backgrounds, you can use them to inject brighter colors into the image you will contrast with the crow. You can also get a color variation only from the art media you use to color. Mixing more vibrant media, such as colorful paints and pens, with more deaf watercolors, such as watercolors or colored pencils, can help create an interesting image.

Make your unique crow drawing even better.

Now let’s show you how to put your turn on this wonderful crow! Crows can be found in many different environments and places and offer many options for different origins you can draw. This outline of Corbeau could present this bird sitting in a forest, high on a mountain, for some ideas. If you want more inspiration, you can search for different environments where crows could live and then use photos to help you with background details. What are the other environments you could use for this drawing?

At the beginning of this guide, we mentioned that crows could usually have morbid associations and claims. If you like this kind of look, you can create a dark scenario for the outline of this crow. For some examples, he could be sitting on a tombstone or with a skull for some ideas. Going to this type of picture can make an image like this perfect for a Halloween celebration if it’s this period of the year! Will you create a scary parameter for this crow? We created a very realistic representation of this bird for this drawing of a crow, but if you prefer to create a more stylistic version, you can do it too! You can make it a simpler image by excluding more refined details, such as templated textures. 

It may be great to have a more detailed image, but sometimes it is also good to keep things simpler! It’s up to you to decide the type of look you want for your crow. The guide explains how the crows have a characteristic black color. We cover certain ways to make this color by keeping the black tones, but you can also change the colors you want. When creating a drawing, you can make it realistic or choose something more elegant. Or be well in your way, depending on what you prefer for this image!

The drawing of your crow is complete!

We hope this guide on how to draw a crow has been useful for you to use! When you draw something in many details, it can be a difficult business, but when you divide it into smaller steps, it can be easier and more fun! Our goal with this guide was to show how easy and fun it is to make a drawing like this, so I hope we got this goal!

Now you can continue adding your creativity to this image by adding elements, drawing additional objects, or creating a beautiful background. Have fun and see what is happening! When you want to learn to draw something new, we have a lot more guides like this on our site, so we hope to see it! When your Raven drawing is over, we will be delighted to see him! You can show us by sharing your illustrations on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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