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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture is a useful but slow method of weight reduction. It starts working gradually and works best in conjunction with a balanced, healthy lifestyle. There are four ways acupuncture can aid with weight loss:

increases your metabolism’s speed. By stimulating the thyroid gland and accelerating metabolism, acupuncture helps your body burn calories from food more effectively rather than storing them as fat.

Saturated fats degrade over time. When electro-needles are utilised during acupuncture, the breakdown of saturated fats is sped up. Electroacupuncture and cupping can be used together to increase the overall impact.

Your appetite is reduced by it. Acupuncture can aid in weight loss by balancing hormone levels and increasing feelings of satiety.

After a few acupuncture appointments, you’ll start to notice a decrease in your snacking. While receiving therapy, you are not required to adhere to a diet, but you should be mindful of what you eat.

Eat meals promptly, maintain a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and nutrients, and steer clear of junk food. You are less likely to gain weight following therapy if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

An ear acupuncture procedure (). Ear acupuncture therapy is widely used to increase the effects of weight loss acupuncture since the ear plays such a significant role as a focus point during weight loss acupuncture sessions. This is carried out following each acupuncture therapy session. Your medical professional will put tiny plasters with a tiny seed to the acupoints on your outer ear. Tapping these regions can help you manage your hunger and food cravings on days when you don’t have a treatment appointment.

Although acupuncture is an effective weight reduction treatment, it does need the patient to be persistent. At least two to three sessions per week are necessary to get the desired effects. A healthy diet, frequent exercise, and acupuncture should be utilised together.

Have you ever questioned why losing weight is so challenging even with a good diet and frequent exercise?

In the contemporary age of fad diets and slimming drinks, we nevertheless find ourselves leaning back to the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). People use TCM Clinic Singapore, which includes anything from acupuncture to herbal medications, to treat both acute and/or chronic ailments. But what about weight reduction or slimming?

According to TCM, a lack of Qi impacts physiological processes including metabolism and causes weight gain as well as water retention. The underlying bodily condition that causes to excessive weight gain may be treated with TCM, and the body’s equilibrium can be restored for a healthy metabolism.

It’s time to start eating healthier and losing some weight. To assist you in beginning your weight-loss journey, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 TCM slimming programmes in Singapore.

In addition to helping you reach your ideal weight, Chinese herbal medicine collaborates to regulate irregular organ function and restore the body’s equilibrium. Your TCM doctor will provide you a personalised herbal prescription based on your body type.

Additionally, your TCM physician could suggest that you consume more bitter, sour, and pungent foods like ginger, lemon, and bitter gourd. These food categories facilitate digestion, which promotes weight reduction.

Weight loss via acupuncture

With few adverse effects, acupuncture slimming offers noticeable benefits. It supports the preservation of a sound digestive system. We eat less energy because it reduces hunger. Acupuncture also has a metabolic stimulating effect concurrently. More nutrients are absorbed by our systems, and these nutrients are subsequently utilized as fuel rather than being stored as fat. The combined impact will result in healthy weight loss.

TCM Dietary Supplements

Depending on the person’s unique condition and bodily constitution, our doctor may prescribe specialized Chinese herbal medicine.

This medication contains a variety of herbs that have been combined to boost their effectiveness while lowering the possibility of side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture slimming combined aid in weight loss and maintenance.

The symptoms of obesity, such as fatigue, heat intolerance, sweating, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and constipation, can all be alleviated with TCM weight management.

With it, you may avoid serious metabolic illnesses including diabetes and metabolic syndrome as well as hypertension, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, bone and joint disease, and all other types of cardiovascular disease.

During TCM weight management, body functions are also controlled and brought back to a balanced, healthy condition. Therefore, being in better shape entails both being in better shape and being in better shape!

Only a small number of clinics provide the Eu Yan Sang TCM Weight Management service. Please get in touch with one of our clinics for further details.

The Chinese deep tissue massage known as “Tui Na” is a crucial component of TCM (TCM).

It is quite effective for localized slimming when combined with other conventional Chinese therapies like acupuncture and heat cupping. It will produce fantastic results.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for weight loss TCM slimming is healthier, generates long-lasting benefits, and has no negative side effects in comparison to slimming pills and crash diets. Additionally, it helps to control blood circulation, internal secretion, detoxification, metabolism, and digestion, all of which have a positive influence on weight loss.

Sometimes gaining weight may not only include consuming more food.

The common belief that eating too much leads to weight gain is generally true, but it doesn’t explain why some people may lose weight while being heavy eaters while others gain weight easily even when they eat small meals and just drink water.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the relationship between a person’s general health and their internal organs. If you need help creating a slimming and weight reduction plan that works consult TCM Slimming Singapore.

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