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Rapid lube chain that quickly expands With locations across 17 states. Take 5 Oil Change has announced that the company is now franchising in the Southeast and other areas. Take 5 wants to expand its unique business concept for stay-in-your-car, 10-minute oil changes through multi-unit franchise partners. Driven Brands is the parent company of Take 5 Oil Change, Meineke, Maaco, 1-800-Radiator. And CARSTAR, which are all companies. That provides automobile aftermarket services.

With the addition of two more franchised stores in the Carolinas. Take 5 plans to continue working with franchisees in these states. As well as the entirety of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. At over 300 corporate-owned locations. Take 5 Oil Change has built its business model to focus on offering customers speed, convenience, quality, and price.

Take 5 Oil Change strives to provide the best staff training and development opportunities. While also exceeding all customer satisfaction benchmarks. The first one arrived in Metairie, Louisiana, in 1984. The country now has 18 such organizations. Take 5 Oil Change provides a variety of services that are sure to live up to your standards. By utilizing the Take 5 oil change coupons, you may change your oil on a small budget.

The strategy has proven to be successful over the last three decades. As seen by rising earnings, rapid growth, and increased market share. “Take 5 has spent decades establishing a brand that exceeds customers’ expectations in speed, and convenience. And service,” said Ted Rippey, vice president of franchising for the company. Our brand can support new franchisees with its extensive infrastructure and experience. As we continue on our path to becoming the country’s fastest-growing quick lube chain. We are excited to bring on partners to further expand our reach in the United States.

Take 5 Oil Change Price

Changing the oil in your automobile is one of the most important maintenance procedures. You must carry it out to keep it running. Regardless of whether you drive 3,000 or 10,000 miles between oil changes, you don’t want to overpay for the service. A pricing comparison done by consumer expert Amy Davis shows you. Where in your area, you can get an oil change for the lowest cost.

We analyzed rates at six auto shops in the Houston area. We discovered that the cost influenced by the type of oil you use in your automobile. As well as where you go. If you prefer conventional oil, synthetic blend (a mix of conventional and synthetic oil). Or pure synthetic oil, the technician may ask. Consult the owner’s manual for your car to find out which kind the manufacturer recommends. If no oil type given or it says you can use regular, use any of the three.

Oil Change Type                   Price Per Quart

Conventional Oil Change        $5.97

Synthetic blend Oil Change    $7.97

High Mileage Oil Change        $6.97

Edge oil Change                     $8.97

Mobil 1                                      $9.97

Take 5 Services

Although oil changes are Take 5’s most well-known service, they also provide additional services. They additionally offer the subsequent services:

  • As part of the oil change service, the fluids in the car inspected, tested, and changed.
  • Change the cooler line fluid, torque converter fluid, and transmission fluid as part of an automatic transmission inspection.
  • The air filter should change to increase the car’s horsepower and fuel efficiency. The method must repeated frequently.
  • Radiator inspection: The radiator fluid may also need to change.
  • Wiper blade replacement and inspection: Inspect wiper blades and replace them as necessary. It is essential to follow these instructions to keep your car secure.

Take 5 Oil Change Careers Reviews

Take 5 Oil Change received good feedback from 294 customers or 54%. The remaining 46% of the comments offered constructive feedback in an effort to help Take 5 Oil Change. Enhance the office environment. In comparison to all other divisions. The operations staff at the company claims to have had the best experience at Take 5 Oil Change. Receiving 73% positive responses. The sales team provided the most insightful criticism with 46% of their ratings being positive.

The following remarks made regarding Take 5 Oil Change. You may get a good picture of the work environment, culture, benefits, and compensation. And training opportunities at a company like Take 5 Oil Change by looking at how they operate. They might also provide information or advice about what is required for interviews and other things that could use. When submitting a job application to that company. Reviews may also highlight any bad aspects of a company. That may help in determining whether it would be a good place to work.

Reviews from Customers of Take 5 Oil Change

If you put in your effort and try to be the best version of yourself, you can advance quickly. In order to succeed at work, you must learn. While working, have fun and be yourself.

Undoubtedly, there are certain areas they could improve upon. To motivate personnel to close more sales, for instance, they ought to raise the commission rate. There ought to be an overall improvement.

You will compensated illegally at the other five oil change locations. Where the manager will benefit from your labour, therefore do not pay enough for the jobs you must do there.

a top-notch workplace Simply put, I think this company severely undervalues its non-corporate personnel. I enjoy working here. Thank you for your time. Matthew Toombs

At Take 5, I was the youngest employee; everyone else was much older. Most of the people I worked with were older than I was. And they upset that I held the same job as them. I learned everything from Jason, the assistant store manager. The actual manager lacked experience and was unqualified to run a business. You get a lot of disdain for being young and doing the same job. For the same pay as a 35-year-old man with kids.

a wonderful place to work and really good chances for advancement. The benefits are substantial. Its company is growing. I think a lot of amazing things will come in the future.

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