Shower Enclosure

A new shower enclosure can entirely transform the aesthetics of your bathroom. But to be perfect, it should have the right size, style, and looks. Otherwise, your shower would not be functional as it should be nor look good. But since there are many sizes and types available for glass cubicles, it can be confusing to figure out how bigger an enclosure is the perfect fit for your bathroom. In this blog, we are going to discuss all measuring and determining the size of a cubicle. 

Step by Step Process to Determine the Size of Shower Enclosure

You will need to take the following steps in order to figure out the shower cabin size that your bathroom needs. 

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Step 1. Check how big your bathroom

The shower that you may opt for will be in accordance with the overall size of your bathroom. The rule is simple, in a bigger bathroom, you have more room for fittings and fixtures so you can go for the medium and large-size enclosure. But for congested spaces, you will need a compact or space-saving design. 

Step 2. How much space is available?

 You will also need to check how much space you are left with after allocating space for all other fittings and fixtures. Try to measure the length and width that can be your shower area. Make sure you keep a reasonable gap from other fixtures.

Step 3. Shower Enclosure Position

The choice of shower cabin will also depend on the space where you want to fit the enclosure. For example, if the space where you want to fit a cubicle is a corner your choice will be a quadrant enclosure. Which can be square or rectangular in other spots. 

Step 4. Measure the Space for Shower

Once you know where your enclosure will fit you can finally take the measurements of the shower area for enclosure fittings. There are a few best practices for it. You will need to take height, width, and length at multiple spots to be sure of t. You will need to start looking at the shower tray size to match with your measurement. In case you are fitting a cubicle with two walls, make sure that you take measurements at three spots as the walls may seem but are not actually straight.


What Size Shower Enclosure Available?


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It is not possible to go for any size for your shower cubicle. Else it may be too small or too large according to the bathroom space. However, one thing that is important to note is that like anything else there are standard sizes for cubicles as well. For example, a standard size bathroom in the UK is usually around 2000mm x 2000mm. For which you can choose a typical standard shower cubicle measuring 900mm x 900mm.  However, you may go up and down depending on your specific needs. Other sizes that are available in the market start from 660mm x 660mm and go up to 1700mm x 1700mm. 

What are Shower Cubicle Size Options for a Small Bathroom? 

When it comes to small bathrooms, you don’t have too many options. The availability of small shower enclosures differs from place to place. However, the smallest enclosure size is 650mm x 650mm. If you have a small bathroom you should aim for 800mm x800mm for a better shower experience. The size range for small space is 650mm to 900mm. Experts only recommend a quadrat or corner fitting enclosure as all other sizes are not a good fit for such spaces. You may even not have availability for square or rectangular cubicles. You must also make sure not to install a pivot shower door as it is not an option for space-saving purposes.  

What Size Should I Choose for a Large Bathroom?

Choosing a bathroom size for your bathroom is not difficult when it comes to large bathrooms. Because you don’t need to worry about any space limitations as you already have enough space available. But you obviously, don’t want to make it too big for your bathroom. Therefore, it will be a good idea to know what a standard option for a large space is. Although it should depend on the size of your bathroom, you can choose an enclosure starting from 1200mm in width, and if space permits, you can even choose anything up to 1700mm cubicle. 

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One thing you should note here is that not all cubicle shapes are available in large sizes. You will have to choose either square or rectangular shape or go with a customization option in some cases. A pivot shower door can be a great fit for both of these cubicles. 

What Size Should I Select a Walk-in Shower Enclosure?

Walk-in showers are trendy and offer various advantages making them a preferred choice for many homeowners. These are great to fit anywhere, and allow you to have a shower with ease and a feeling of spaciousness. The size option to choose from range from 900mm to 1200mm. In some cases, you may have larger width with shorter lengths available as well. It depends on where you are going to make a purchase. 

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