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Northern Karnataka’s Gokarna is a true beach paradise! There are five main beaches there, all of which feature beautiful views, calm surf, and clean water. These include the Paradise Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, and the Main Beach in Gokarna. Between these beaches, there are verdant hills, which adds to Gokarna’s appeal as a tourist destination. These hills not only enhance Gokarna’s scenic beauty overall, but they also provide access to the exciting Gokarna Beach Trek.

The enjoyable method of Gokarna beach hopping is Gokarna Beach Trek. You have a choice of starting the trek from Paradise Beach or Kudle Beach. The purpose of this hike is to traverse the hills that separate Gokarna’s main beaches in order to reach all of them on foot. The majority of the year, these hills are covered with greenery and tower over the magnificent Arabian Sea.

The Gokarna Beach trek is a combined trek and hike that is roughly 10 kilometres long, involving beach walking. One way ferry travel and one way hiking would make up the entire trip.

Although it depends on how much time you spend at each beach, having lunch, and stopping for pictures, it may be completed in around 5 to 6 hours. Gokarna is a warm location, and the sun can be rather severe there during the summer. Thus, the ideal season to undertake this walk is from October to February.

Is the Gokarna Beach Trek challenging?

For the ordinary person with basic fitness, the Gokarna Beach Trek is a simple hike. This means that if you exercise at least a few times per week, the trek will be simple for you. Although the heat may be a touch harsh, this is not a particularly difficult journey. Apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water for an enjoyable day. To get to the next beach, the majority of the walk entails hiking through and across hills. On the other hand, there is some climbing and bouldering to be done as well.

What makes this Trek worthwhile?

The BEST way to explore Gokarna and appreciate its true beauty is by hiking along the shore! 

You won’t be able to get to all the beaches with your car! There are only two ways to get to Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach: by ship or on foot!

Ferry rides are pricey! The greatest way to see several beaches is on foot, if you intend to do so! The cost of a one-way ride from Om Beach to Paradise Beach is about Rs. 300.

This trek is worthwhile because of the sights you get to witness. It is already such a rewarding experience.

Details for the Gokarna Beach Trek

The key areas covered by the Gokarna Beach Trek are the city’s four most popular beaches: Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. The Gokarna Main Beach and Belekan Beach are optional and can be omitted.

Where should we begin our trek?

Starting points for the Gokarna Beach Trek include the main beach in Gokarna or Belekan Beach. Between Kudle Beach and Gokarna Main Beach, there isn’t actually a trail. Gokarna Main Beach is not included in the Gokarna Beach Trek because you must use the common route to get there in order to access Kudle Beach. As a result, you can begin your journey at Kudle Beach and travel toward Paradise Beach.

The benefit of choosing this choice is that you may spend more time in the mornings at the beaches that are best for swimming, Kudle Beach and Om Beach. Also, the most of the second portion of the walk is in woodland.

The primary drawback of this choice is that, unless you are staying on Paradise Beach, the last ferry is only available between 5:30 and 6:00 pm, so you really need to be aware of the time to go back to your accommodation. The fact that there aren’t many ferries that drop you off at Kudle Beach is another drawback of this option. Most ferries only drop you off at Om Beach, so if you’re running late you might still have to hike back to Kudle Beach after dark, which is not really safe. This is not a very practical choice if you want to see the sunset from Labyrinth that same day.

Options 2

You can also choose to begin the Gokarna Beach Trek from Paradise Beach or Belekan Beach. Your hike will often start from Belekan Beach if you sign up for a group tour from Bangalore or any other place. Belekan Beach is only a location where the tour operator can transport you on the road from the other side; it doesn’t have a lot of sand or a lengthy shoreline. You can also board a ferry to Paradise Beach and begin the walk there if you’re undertaking this trek independently (which is entirely realistic and doable). Just the 1- to 1.5-kilometer hike from Belekan Beach to Paradise Beach will be lost on you.

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