When describing your love for your dogs, it is nothing short of being speechless or filled with endless words of love. It is entirely understandable, but how well do you train your dogs? 

Some of you might have regular check-ups for your dogs, grooming days and whatnot, but not a lot of you are willing to spend money for dog training classes

If you wish for your dog to be well-behaved, then training is an essential part. It can also help create a strong bond between you and your furry pets. 

You can start by teaching them a few essential command words; here’s a list of some. 


Sit and Stay are one of the first command words taught to a dog. The purpose of this particular word is to teach them self-control. 

If you ever feel like your dog is uncontrollable, you can tell them to sit or stay. Your furry pet will automatically stop whatever they are doing and obey you. However, you must first practice with your dog to help them recognise the word.

To begin, hold out a treat in front of you. Put it close to your dog’s nose and eventually move your hand upwards. They should follow the movement of your hand. When they follow along, command them to sit or stay. 

If your dog managed to follow suit perfectly, give them the treat to encourage and appraise them. However, demonstrate through actions if they can’t understand what to do. Repeat this action until they’ve mastered it. 


Once you’ve taught them to sit, the next important command word to teach them is to stand. This can come in handy for various occasions. For example, when you take your dog to the vet, they must stand. Or when you’ve told them to sit for a bit because you needed to do something, you’ll need them to stand to start moving. 

To begin with this command word, you need to move the dog treat in front of its nose. Then, drag the treat towards yourself and then downwards. Say “stand”, and the dog will follow the exact movements, resuming in a standing position. 

Once they’ve managed to stand, reward them with a treat. Please continue with the same movements till they start to do it perfectly. 

Recognition of Name

Another vital thing to teach your dog is how to recognise their name. How will the dog respond if it doesn’t remember its name? This is especially important for dog training classes because multiple dogs are simultaneous. 

If your dog doesn’t know its name, it’ll be confused throughout the whole class. You can make a considerable improvement in other aspects of its training once they know their name. 

Final Words 

Once you’ve taught your dog some of these essential command words, you can move to higher advanced training methods. However, it’s good to spend a considerable amount of time teaching these simple words because they can benefit you in the long run. These are the initial stages of your bonding with your dog. 

You would want to make sure that you get this part of development in its life straight so that they’re well-behaved and don’t cause any disturbing scenes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Teach your dogs these command words today!

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