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The use of printers is something very common in our day-to-day life owing to the advancement in technology. We are more or less caught by the tentacles of technology where it is impossible to accomplish any task without technology. Many people do not have the proficiency to handle technical glitches when their printer or PC shows some discrepancies. Why hp printer showing offline is one such example where people fail to resolve the issue of their offline printer. So here are a few tips that can enable such folk to get out of this glitch on their own. Have a look at these tips here.

Why an HP printer is showing offline time and again?

There could be multiple reasons why a printer is showing an error of being offline in spite of the fact you have a working connection. For example, you might be using the printer in offline mode, not have updated the drivers of the printer, etc. So here are a few tips that will guide you to resolve such queries to get back your printer in online mode.

Tips to resolve HP printer offline issue

1. Try restarting your printer

If you find your printer offline the first thing that needs to do in such case is to restart your printer without any delay. There are high chances that your printer will get back to online mode by doing so. This is something we can consider a primary task in order to resolve the offline HP printer glitch. You do not need any kind of expertise to accomplish this step in order to resolve your problem.

2. Double-check the same internet connection of the printer and PC

Sometimes the reason why the printer is showing up offline is that we are using the different internet connections for the PC and printer. So make sure that you are using the same internet connection to keep your printer in online mode. This is a very common mistake that users made when it comes to using a printer. As a result of which getting the offline mode of the printer is very common in this case. So make sure to remove such issues and set the same internet connection for both PC and printer to make it work aptly.

3. Check out the printer for multiple commands

Sometimes giving multiple commands also cause this issue in the printer where it starts showing offline. If you have also multiple commands for your printer then make sure to clear them first and they give a fresh command to print your paper. This is how you can get your HP printer back to normal functioning. Most of the time it happens when we give three or four commands which stuck to the printer and it becomes offline. So you need to check on this matter to get back the printer in online mode again. This is something that you cannot miss while resolving the offline status issue of your HP printer if the above steps do not meet the results.

4. Your printer setting should not be in offline mode

It is also important that you keep an eye on the setting of your printer if all other steps fail to resolve its offline status. Check out the setting of the printer that you are not using it in the offline mode. If your printer is in offline mode it is definitely going to bring this glitch where you will find it in offline status. To rectify the settings again and bring it back to online mode by removing the offline by default mode manually. This is something that you can do without any professional assistance like the other steps listed above.

5. Update printer driver regularly

It is also mandatory to update the driver of your printer on regular basis. Using outdated drivers for your printer can also cause its malfunctioning when you find the printer in offline mode. So always keep on updating them after regular intervals of time. No professional skills are required in order to update the drivers of your cartridge problem hp. That is how you can see your HP printer is functioning back to normal.


So this is how you can resolve your HP printer offline mode easily. Make sure that you are going step by step process listed here to get rid of the offline status of your printer. In case all the above steps are not working for your printer then you can also seek technical support for a major glitch in the printer. The majority of the time you can resolve the problem through these steps only. In rare scenarios, you might find the need of taking technical support from professionals. That is how you can work on your HP printer without facing any sort of issue further.

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