The article provides information on the recent Credit National Assist Scam, which targets several Americans.

Scammers come up with new techniques to defraud citizens as a result of the rising unemployment rate throughout the country. Scammers are becoming more intelligent and creative in their methods of operation.

A new internet fraud has just been reported by several Americans. Many con artists prey on individuals under the pretence of providing financial help and support.

People are getting phoney and fraudulent calls from con artists who promise to provide them with cash assistance. But in actuality, they take their personal information and use it to commit fraud.

Please keep us informed of any new credit assistance scams.

Credit National Assist: What is it?

A financial organisation in the United States called Credit National Assist or Credit National Assistance is run by experts with extensive experience in debt settlement. The business’s primary goal is to assist older citizens in managing their debts.

Major credit card companies, debt collection agencies, and legal firms are all great partners for business.

Additionally, the experts at the organisation are very skilled at negotiating with financial institutions to release you from debt.


The business specialises in providing acceptable loan modifications along with unsecured debt reduction programmes and plans that consumer credit counselling and consolidation businesses are unable to provide.

The Credit National Assist Scam: What is it?

Americans have informed authorities about a new fraud using Credit National Assist. Receiving calls and voicemails from unknown numbers is a scam.

They get calls from scammers posing as representatives of Credit National Assist Company, offering them phoney financial aid and assistance in cancelling their credit card and other debts.

Numerous people have reported receiving frequent calls from unknown numbers, including 888-206-4766, 888-675-1360, and others.

The Credit National Assist Scam is being carried out by con artists under several aliases. To apply for financial help, they contact and request information from the recipients.

They are prompted to provide their private information when they dial the provided number. They get neither financial support nor appreciation in exchange. Therefore, you must avoid falling for these frauds.

What Is the Public’s Reaction to the Scam?

Following analysis, we discovered that a large number of people—particularly the senior population, which is less aware of such scams—are being targeted by con artists.

Numerous customers who have reported the Credit National Assist Scam claim to have received 4–5 calls per day posing as representatives of Credit National Assist. The caller says they can provide financial assistance, but in order to do so, they require their information.

Some customers have even received voicemails from calls posing as representatives of Credit National Assist Company. To get the pre-approved financial help, they urge you to call them again.

However, as frauds, they must be reported right away to the Federal Trade Commission.


Americans are being victimised by scammers using the Credit National Assist Scam. However, it is advised against giving any information to an unknown caller without first confirming their identity. Additionally, you need to receive useful advice on how to avoid scams.

Did the Credit National Assist scammers phone you? Please describe in the comments area how you reported the fraud.

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