Roblox Pet Games

Roblox games can be found in the virtual world. With over 100 million active users per month across 200 countries, the majority of whom are kids and teenagers, they have a sizable user base. Each month, these devoted players play in the Lego-like online gaming environment for more than a billion hours. More than half of all active Roblox players play with friends.

Roblox’s developer network is amazing. Their ability to create many amazing and interesting games is no surprise. They have created a wide range of pet games. Roblox offers a wide range of pet games, from reprints of well-known titles to completely new experiences.

Top 5 Pet Games on Roblox

We have compiled a list of the top 10 Roblox pet games.

  1. Animal Simulator
  2. Wild Ocean
  4. Dinosaur World Mobile
  5. Wild Savannah

Animal Simulator

This game gives players a preview of what to expect from it and what they will do while playing. Undoubtedly, it ranks among the most popular Roblox games. While interacting with other players, you will control animals and live their lives. The creatures and how they are controlled will set you apart from other gamers. There are many picturesque rural areas to explore, and the artwork is lovely. A variety of animals can be used by you and your friends for role-playing games and other similar activities.

Wild Ocean

The same user also made the Roblox website Wild Ocean. It resembles Wild Savannah a lot. You take control of animals found in the ocean in the Roblox animal game rather than those found in the savannah. Numerous species exist, including jellyfish, sharks, orcas, and sharks. You can play role-playing games with your friends while controlling any of these creatures. You could decide to go scuba diving or engage in other similar activities. The animal game on Roblox is fun despite not having much to it.


Roblox user The Immortal has created another amazing animal game, HOLOCENETS. It is currently very popular. The abbreviation TS is for test server. Although the game is still in testing, it remains one of the most popular Roblox animal games. It is well-made and constantly updated with new mechanics and other amazing features.

Dinosaur World Mobile

There are numerous animal species, many of which are extinct. One of these species is the dinosaur. It is also the most well-known creature in history. You can play as these dinosaurs and many other types of animals in Roblox. The prehistoric era is when your dinosaur character lives. You must prevent its extinction. Other dinosaurs could attack your character or they could die for other reasons. You have to deal with thirst, hunger, and sleep. To survive, you need to consider each of these factors.

Wild Savannah

It has received millions of views since its debut and is still one of the most popular Roblox animal games. The animals in the savannah are under your control, and you can use them to stay alive and survive. You can play a variety of creatures, each of which has a unique set of gameplay traits. You can play as lions, tigers, crocodiles, or many other animals.


This concludes our Roblox Top 5 Pet Games. Try all of the games and let us know which one you like best. 

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