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Cloud computing, since its inception, has always been an integral part of businesses’ processes, security, and storage. However, post-pandemic, the demand for cloud computing grew ten folds. It is because most companies went digital and adopted a remote working model during COVID – needing more space on the cloud for storing data and managing it directly from there.   

As per Gartner’s research, over $1.3 trillion in business IT spending was due to enterprises shifting to the cloud in 2022. The study also suggests that this number is expected to hit records by swelling up to almost $1.8 trillion in 2025.  

Which Cloud Computing Type is the Best? 

Cloud computing is the perfect solution as it is available to all types of businesses. From start-ups and small businesses to large enterprises, every business can opt for a different kind of cloud computing (public, private, or hybrid) depending on their unique business needs and near-future goals. Although each type of cloud computing has its own perks and setbacks, the public cloud stands out as the most beneficial for most businesses, and its significance or demand will not dwindle any time soon!  

We know it takes much work to decide about a specific type of cloud computing for your business. Hence, this blog will highlight the most ideal cloud computing, which is Public Cloud. We will discuss: why public cloud service is the best for most organizations and also walk you through its benefits to help make a more informed decision. Without further ado, let’s get started.   

Public Cloud Service is Light on the Pocket  

While Private (On-premises) and Hybrid Cloud computing can be expensive for most small and mid-sized businesses, public cloud service is way cheaper and cuts down the recurring costs. It is because a public cloud is a shared virtual space where all your data gets stored, and other businesses may use the space on the same server to keep their data. However, regardless of a shared space, the performance and efficiency of the public cloud stay intact, as your cloud provider will ensure it.     

It’s Safer Than You Think!  

It’s a widespread myth about the public cloud that it offers lesser security than an on-premise server/ private cloud. Truth be told, a good public cloud infrastructure goes through regular penetration testing to ensure security by identifying potential gaps and closing them before they get exploited by bad actors. If you pick a reliable public cloud hosting provider, such as Ace Public Cloud, they take care of data security on priority and keep your IT environment’s posture breach-proof with their experience and expertise.  

On the other hand, private cloud servers can be safe. However, the organization is entirely responsible for data security. Unlike the public cloud, no certifications and licenses are required, making it unsafe than public cloud infrastructure.    

Disaster Recovery & Management    

Power loss can lead to loss/leak of data. Also, businesses still using traditional ways to store their data are at constant risk of losing their data. It is because even a little harm to the hard drive or storage device you’re using can corrupt the data and lead to complete data loss.   

Public cloud environments utilize computing resources across different sites, keeping the data safe on the cloud. Hence, the data is safe with public cloud infrastructure, even during power loss or a disaster. It is because the computing resources across various networks will maintain uptime regardless of the access disruption in one location.    

Scale as You Go, As Many Times!  

Scalability matters. Modern, growing businesses desire a near-limitless space for them to grow as they go. Constriction on bandwidth is one challenge for most companies, and private or hybrid clouds can’t always meet ever-growing storage needs.   

The right, reliable public cloud hosting provider like Ace Public Cloud offers the required bandwidth its clientele needs for most cloud-based applications. Thus, businesses can scale as they go (as often as they need) and grow forth confidently.    

Agility at its Best  

Flexibility is one of the perks that makes public cloud service the best choice for businesses. The public cloud makes it easy for companies running on the remote model to operate smoothly without worrying about managing the servers. The data security, storage, bandwidth, and management everything is handled by your cloud hosting provider.   

It lets businesses and employees access cloud server spaces, data storage, and apps remotely, anytime. It helps them stay productive everywhere and at any hour of the day when they can connect to the internet!   

It’s clear that public cloud service is the best choice for booming businesses that want to scale, smoothly operate remotely, and still enjoy affordability. Now, it’s critical to find the right public cloud hosting provider that fulfils all your unique cloud-based business needs.   

Ace Public Cloud is All You Need  

Ace Public Cloud is a unique hosting solution for businesses wishing to transition to the public cloud for computing resources and cloud-based services such as applications and storage. These solutions are high-performing compute instances most suited for most SMBs’ web applications or development environments. With Ace Public Cloud, leverage an excellent cloud ecosystem that runs manages, and procures VMs efficiently.   

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