Do you know what makes leading firms so successful? Why do others find themselves in financial trouble that threatens their survival? We are here to answer these questions on the basis of results found in a study.  The do’s and don’ts get identified in a study that makes such at least you can use to create the most successful businesses. If you want to be as successful as jujhar, you need to follow a couple of tips.

If you want to better understand what main factors set leading firms aside, a survey was conducted of 1139 small and medium-scale firms across India. The responses were analysed to find out what separated the top 20% of most successful firms in the NH industry from the rest of the pack.

Build strong relationships with key suppliers.

The most successful companies reported that several types of relationships were vital to their success. Nevertheless, they felt that supplier relationships were the most vital ones.

Hire the best talents and keep them engaged.

More than 60% of the most successful firms are willing to take several months or longer to find and hire strong candidates. The Most successful firms feel that they offer superior pay and benefits. It also offers a more stimulating work environment and finds positive company culture than its competitors. 

It has a solid plan and helps you measure your progress.

Where do you want your business to be in the next five years?  How will you get there? How will you monitor your progress? The most successful businesses are more likely to have a concrete medium-term plan and follow their progress with many business performance metrics.  Firms like jujhar always put plans and implement them.

Ask for outside service

Simply put, it is not possible for you and your team to have the best knowledge in every situation. The most successful businesses are more likely to report seeking outside advice through such means as forming an advisory board or using external consultants. Studies found that they produce huge benefits for small and large-scale firms. 


 The most successful firms are innovative in a variety of ways as the study found.

  • The businesses offer new products and services more often.
  • Businesses are keen to adopt new technology faster.
  • It also reported that innovative practices, ranging from improving internal processes and enhancing internal efficiency adapt their business model.

It is more crucial to the success of the business than their counterparts.

Don’t leave contingency planning until it is too late.

Unforeseen events like the loss of key employees, increases in the cost of raw materials, or a disaster can be a common source of problems for businesses that encounter financial difficulties.  1 out of 3 fell victim to circumstances that were out of control.

Don’t underestimate the importance of effective financial management.

If you are an Aspiring entrepreneur like Arshdeep Singh Mundi you must endure the skill of financial management. A lack of financial management expertise is the most common factor that causes a successful firm to Run into difficulties. Effective financial management needs two things: the right tools and the right knowledge

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