Traditional Silk Saree Reuse: Dresses and Home Decor Made From Them

Traditional sarees are frequently prized for their sentimental and cultural significance, but they can also occupy valuable closet space and add to textile waste. In this blog, we’ll look at creative ways to turn used silk sarees into lovely gowns and other products while also cutting down on textile waste. We may embrace sustainable fashion and work towards a more environmentally friendly way of living by giving outdated sarees a new life.

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Do you have any ideas for how to dispose of your used silk sarees? Why not recycle them to make beautifully pleasing garments and home decor rather than letting them take up valuable closet space? Following are some inventive suggestions for repurposing used sarees that you may try out on your own with a little assistance from online tutorials:

Traditional sarees can be used to create dresses.

1.Kurtas made from vintage saris

When it comes to wearing your Traditional sarees again, kurtas are a common choice. To make your Kurta from an Traditional saree, you may find a tonne of guides online. Traditional silk sarees are preferred for manufacturing kurtas instead of vintage sarees made of other materials because they are sophisticated, attractive, and have a traditional appearance. 

2.Lehengas made from vintage saris

Do you still wear an outdated silk saree? The chance necessitates making it into a lehenga or a pattu pavadai. You can choose from a variety of lehenga skirt designs, including basic ones with bottom borders and pleated ones that are much more appealing. There are also various styles of lehenga tops to attempt. There are several unique occasions where lehengas created from vintage sarees can be worn.

To make the top, cut the remaining silk saree after cutting enough for the skirt.

3. Traditional saree skirts

If you want to build an outfit out of an Traditional saree that you can wear repeatedly and give you a new look each time, you should think about making a skirt. Since you’ll be reusing the majority of the previous saree, this also requires little work. You can wear it with various coloured silk shirts or plain t-shirts, some silver jewellery, and other accessories to complete the boho-chic appearance.

4. Traditional shirts made from sarees

The skirt you constructed out of an Traditional saree doesn’t require you to spend time hunting for shirts. Make fashionable and colourful shirts from an Traditional simple saree made of satin, silk, cotton or heavy georgette to wear with skirts and trousers.

5. Jackets made out of Traditional saris

Of all the suggestions on this list, this one is going to be the coolest. If you have a thick zari brocade silk saree that still looks good but you’re tired of wearing it that way, transform it into a fashionable jacket that will draw attention. To make the transformation worthwhile, you might require professional assistance in this.

6.Salwar Suits made from vintage sarees

For a traditional yet modern look, make stunning salwar suits out of your Traditional sarees. You can build a salwar suit out of an Traditional saree that is 9 or 6 yards long. You can experiment with a variety of salwar styles depending on the length and fabric kind. Try pairing a short kurta top with patiala pants or a straightforward salwar with chudi pants, for instance.

7.Dupattas from previous saris

Why spend so much money on a dupatta when you can make colourful, adaptable dupattas from merely an Traditional saree that can be worn with numerous outfits? A silk dupatta with elaborate zari work will burn a hole in your purse. Find an Traditional saree with detailed work on the pallu, cut it to the length you want, and stitch the ends together to give it a tidy appearance. To finish and improve the dupatta, you can also add threaded tassels.

8. Anarkali outfits made from vintage saris

Making outdated saree garments into anarkalis is a brilliant concept. Make stunning Anarkali costumes out of your Traditional saris for special occasions. Even two sarees of complimentary colours can be used to create an Anarkali outfit online.

9. Palazzos made of vintage saris

Palazzos are another simple outfit that may be made from used sarees. Traditional silk sarees make perfect candidates for transformation into palazzos. Even straight trousers with pockets can be worn with a simple shirt in a single hue to make a fashion statement at any occasion, whether it’s official or casual.

10. Crop shirts made of vintage saris

Crop tops are an eternal favourite of ours because they go with just about everything. But you can discover that you wear crop tops that are identical to or comparable to those that everyone else does. Make a statement by creating stylish crop tops from an Traditional saree that you can pair with skirts, palazzos, straight pants, dhotis and jeans.

11.Dhoti made from vintage saris

Dhotis might already be in your wardrobe, or you could experiment with a different look. Yes! To make a daring fashion statement, wear dhotis and silk shirts or short kurtas with traditional Kohlapuris.

12. Dresses Made from Traditional Saris

Even though gowns are already a popular choice for women, those created from vintage sarees are so exquisite that you’ll want to have them in your collection forever. The first materials you may use to create a dress from an Traditional saree are cotton or linen sarees. These materials are breathable, therefore dresses fashioned from these sarees will be your ideal attractive girl summer dress.

Traditional sarees are used as home decor and accessories.

1. pillowcases

Make beautiful pillow coverings from Traditional sarees, and let your house speak for itself!

2. drapes

Reuse the fabric from your Traditional sarees to make gorgeous curtains that give any space a sense of class

3. Tablecloth

Get rid of the plain tablecloths and turn your Traditional sarees into tablecloths to liven up your dining area.

4. Bed Sheets

Use the fabric from your Traditional sarees to make a distinctive and colourful bed cover.

5. Bags for Tote

Utilise your used sarees to create chic, sustainable totes.


With the slogan of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” you may create lovely garments and home decor out of used sarees, promoting sustainable fashion and lowering waste. With the aforementioned suggestions, you can quickly transform your Traditional sarees online into something chic that will have everyone talking. So don’t throw away your Traditional sarees. Accept sustainable fashion and give them a new lease on life!

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