If you are looking to buy or renovate a property, it is important to make sure that the construction company you use has the expertise to complete the job. Here are five of the best in the industry.


Talbon Construction is a Texan company that specializes in commercial and residential construction. The company uses state of the art equipment and technology to provide high quality work in a timely manner. They have also been known to offer their clients multiple financing options.

Talbon is a jack of all trades when it comes to their clients’ needs. They have worked on projects in Louisiana and Texas. Having been in business for over 25 years, they are well versed in the construction industry. With their attention to detail, they can create a custom solution to any construction problem. Whether you need a slick new office building, a brand new home, or a complete renovation of your home, they will deliver.

As with any industry, the construction industry is constantly evolving. This is particularly true in the ever expanding digital age. One of the biggest changes is the number of virtual meetings being conducted. In addition, there is a large focus on employee health and safety.

Imarat Group of Companies

Imarat Group of Companies has been a leading player in the real estate industry of Pakistan for the past fifteen years. The group has developed and managed several exclusive projects in Pakistan.

Imarat Group of Companies aims to establish a new paradigm in the Pakistani real estate sector. They are committed to providing transparent project execution and construction services.

Imarat Group has initiated six real estate projects since 2015. These include two hotels, one luxury apartment complex, and three malls. Among these projects, the DT Mall stands out as the most exciting investment opportunity. This mall will provide investors with the perfect chance to invest in a retail business in Pakistan. It features exquisite interiors and exalted infrastructure.

Several shops, restaurants, and other facilities are offered in this mall. Customers will enjoy exotic marble tiles, high-quality furniture sets, modern sanitary fittings, and wall designs. Moreover, the security and safety measures will ensure that customers can park their vehicles without fear.

ZKB Engineers and Constructors

ZKB Engineers and Constructors is one of the leading construction companies in Pakistan. The company’s services include building engineering and consultation. It is a trusted provider of infrastructure solutions that are durable and functional.

ZKB has a portfolio of more than 150 projects. These range from dams, national highways, and housing societies. Having over forty years of experience, the engineers at ZKB are skilled in delivering projects ahead of time.

Moreover, the team at ZKB is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services. They help clients with every level of the process, from planning to implementation. You can also utilize their consultation services to get valuable advice on purchasing or implementing projects.

In addition to construction, the company has a wide range of services, including consulting, procurement, and project management. This allows clients to focus on critical issues early and saves them precious time.

Habib Construction Services.

Habib Construction Services is one of the burgeoning number of construction firms that have sprung up in the last decade. Its best asset is its in-house construction team that has completed numerous iconic projects for a wide range of clients from the government to private corporations. This is not to mention the company’s stellar customer service and industry savvy. With a fleet of more than 600 vehicles and well over a thousand employees, it’s no wonder the company was able to secure the contract for a state of the art shopping mall in the heart of Karachi.

Although it’s a relative newcomer to the construction scene, the company has the know how to make sure that it delivers a quality product that its customers can be proud of. To wit, the company has a proven track record of delivering the goods on time and on budget.

Hardbone International PVT Limited

Hardbone International PVT Limited is one of the leading construction companies in Pakistan. With its offices in Islamabad, it provides high quality services to its clients.

The company specializes in designing and constructing various projects in the public and private sectors. Some of its services include fire safety, renovations, agricultural development, and mechanical services.

Hardbone International is a privately owned firm. It has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system. In addition to construction projects, the company also researches and publishes scientific achievements.

As a leading construction company, Hardbone has been involved in a number of local and international projects. Many of its clients are satisfied with its work. One of its recent projects included the 20MW hydropower project in Gilgit.

Habib Construction Services is one of the fastest growing construction companies in Islamabad. With a strong commitment to safety, environmental, and health standards, the company has a reputation for delivering superior construction projects.

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