Do you know that juicers vary in spinning features and produce different juice yields than others? Yes, the juicer for celery is especially focused on the spinning feature, as this specification determines the worth of the juicer. Therefore, different spinning tools are used in the juicers. If you have considered masticating juicers, this juicer has various rotating options depending on its type.

Ideally, there are two types of juicers, vertical and horizontal, equipped with a single or double auger. Auger is the vital tool in the juicer that finley chews the vegetables and finely squeezes them to extract high-yield juice. So, the maximum number of augers means a larger juice yield.

So, many people need to be aware of the importance of the gears in the juicer. If some of them know, they need clarification on which one they should consider. Therefore, I have written this article to compare these two gears and give you the solution to your queries. Before proceeding, let’s look at gear introduction and its significance.

What is the auger/ gear in the juicer?

Auger, also known as the gear, is a spiral-shaped large rod made of stainless steel. This rod spins in the juicer to finely squeeze the vegetables in the juicers. It spins faster and ensures the extraction of large amounts of juice from fruits and veggies.

What is the importance of an auger in a juicer?

Auger or gear is the essential component in the juice that determines the worth of the juicer. This tool spins according to the motor RPM and extracts the juice from the ingredients. It is done by pushing the juice into the container and pulp towards the screen. Not just that, kitchen experts said that a larger number of augers means better juice yield. Therefore, if you prefer a smooth and high amount of juice extraction, then it’s better to consider the double gear juicers. But first, see what makes them worth it than single-gear juicers.

Single gear or double gear?

Single gear/auger juicer is also known as the cold press or masticating juicer equipped with robust masticating technology. However, double-gear/ auger juicers are known as triturating juicers. Single gear or masticating juicers are completely different from centrifugal or power xl juicer as they work at a high centrifugal force that leads to oxidation. On the other hand, single-gear juicers produce less oxidation and work slower than centrifugal juicers.

In contrast, twin gear or triturating juicers are way more efficient than masticating juicers because of the double auger. This auger produces zero oxidation and extra juice compared to single-gear juicers. Hence, twin-gear juicers are the finest option in terms of oxidation, speed, and better juice yield.

Some of the best twin-gear juicers

Now that you know, twin gear juicers are the finest and ideal option in masticating juicers. Have a look at the famous triturating juicers in the market.

  • Tribest Greenstar
  • Super Angel DELUXE
  • Omega TWN30S
  • Super Angel Pro​
  • Green Power KPE1304

Which one is better – the conclusion?

Ideally, both juicers are the best compared to the juicers, but when it comes to choosing between the single and double-gear juicers, twin-gear juicers are worth it. Because these juicers offer better anti-oxidized juice with zero foam, you can easily store it for longer. Other than that, these juicers produce higher juice yields than others. Hence, the triturating juicer is undoubtedly the best juicer for celery in this era.

By Nikitha

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