Without a doubt, rolling backpacks used to be terrible. They were extremely unwieldy, heavy, and difficult to wear. However, they have greatly improved in the current backpacking period.

They are currently rather comfortable to wear, simple to drag behind you, and considerably simpler to pack. So read on as we demystify the wheeled backpack whether you’ve decided it’s time to get one or if you just want to know what they’re all about.

The 7 Best Rolling Backpacks for Travel

  • Osprey Farpoint/Fairview Wheels — Best Osprey Backpack With Wheels


  • a piece of the Fairview/Farpoint range
  • Simple to organize and pack


  • little capacity to adapt
  • Limited color selections Single stem handle

The Model – The original Farpoint and Fairview travel rolling backpacks from Osprey are some of the greatest bags ever created. The Farpoint and Fairview wheels are terrific bags as well, which should come as no surprise. The Fairview has been constructed for ladies, whilst the Farpoint is intended for males. Osprey uses variously designed hip belts, shoulder straps, and suspension systems for each to accomplish this.
Sizes — There are 65-liter and 36-liter versions of the Fairview and Farpoint Wheels, respectively. A carry-on-compliant 36-liter model is a fantastic option for those who want to travel light. When flying, the 65-liter models will need to be verified.
Large-diameter wheels are present on the Farpoint/Fairview when it is in motion. They can easily manage uneven surfaces, roll effectively, and are robust. Despite not being designed for off-road use, the wheels are sufficient for traversing the majority of towns and cities! Compared to twin stem handles, the single stem “T-handle” is lightweight but loses control and maneuverability.
Straps — It’s time to carry the Farpoint or Fairview when the terrain becomes too difficult for your wheels to handle. The foldable straps are simple to assemble. They have great padding made of edgeless mesh. They provide good airflow and evenly disperse the weight of your equipment on your body.
Packing — Clamshell openings on these rolling rucksacks make it quite simple to organize and pack them. The square design of the main compartment makes it simple to utilize the whole area, and it is deep. As you go from point A to point B, all of your gear will be secured by internal compression straps.

  • Osprey Sojourn — Best Large Backpack With Wheels


  • Positive selection of sizes
  • Compatible with the Daylite line of Osprey


  • Heavy
  • no laptop bag
  • no outside pockets

Size –The Osprey Sojourn is a sizable rolling backpack that comes in variants with 45, 60, and 80 liters of storage space. Although it is perfectly adapted to life on wheels, you will be aware of this if you must carry it for an extended amount of time. Before you add any of your goods, the 80-liter model weighs approximately 4 kg, while the 45-liter model weighs only 3.4 kg.
Rolling – The Sojourn rolls really well when being pulled along. Only the hardest cobblestone streets will be an issue thanks to the HighRoad Chassis and wide wheels, which provide lots of ground clearance and outstanding stability. Even the heaviest loads are easy to maneuver with the bag’s double-stem retractable ErgoGrip handle.
Convertible — Unzip the bag to access the hip belt and backpack straps. Release them by unzipping the rear panel. Although the straps have little cushioning, they are adequately ventilated. They are OK for brief periods of time but rapidly become uncomfortable, especially on harder terrain. The straps may be taken off if you know you won’t use them to save weight.
Compression – To make the most effective use of space inside Sojourn’s enormous main compartment, compression straps hold your belongings in place. Osprey’s remarkable StraightJacket compression technology makes your pack as sleek as possible on the outside while safeguarding your things with the cushioned wings.
The Daylite and Daylite Plus daypacks from Osprey are compatible with the Sojourn!

  • Jansport Driver 8 — Excellent Carry-On Backpack With Wheels


  • suitcase size
  • Organization in droves
  • Long-term


  • position of the laptop sleeve
  • Bulky equipment might be difficult to pack
  • no hip belt

Take-On — The Jansport Driver 8 is a fantastic carry-on backpack with wheels, with a 36-liter capacity. The majority of airlines will accept it as a carry-on, but you should always double-check before taking off! The weight is a drawback. It might be challenging to keep the Driver 8 within the carry-on weight restrictions of two kilos!
Organizing — The Driver 8 rolling backpack from Jansport has four distinct sections for organizing your things. For fast access things, there is a tiny pocket, and there are other smaller internal pockets in the bigger compartment. The two large, easily accessible compartments are spacious. They’ll hold most of your things if you only bring a small amount. The 15-inch laptop sleeve is located in between the two large compartments. This maintains the security of your machine but necessitates must pack it delicately so that nothing pointy or hard presses on it.
Durability — The Drive 8 can withstand the rigors of travel because of its construction of 420D nylon and 600D polyester. The materials are also water resistant to a fair extent. The bag won’t hold up to a genuine deluge, but it will protect your equipment from the rolling backpack’s occasional downpour. Jansport is renowned for offering an exceptional warranty. Contact them to see if they can assist you if something happens to your bag.
Carry-On Mode — Pull out the softly cushioned shoulder straps and connect them to the proper mount points to convert this backpack from rolling to carrying. Although the back panel is cushioned, it is not at all comfy with these names. The shoulder straps are the same way. Since there is no hip belt, you can truly feel the weight of your gear!

  • Kathmandu Hybrid — Good Variation in Size Options


  • Various sizes are offered.
  • Case-style entrance


  • Extremely exposed wheels
  • individual stem handle
  • Not cozy when used as a backpack

Size Options: Kathmandu’s Hybrid Backpack with Wheels comes in three distinct sizes. the carry-on-friendly 32-liter type, as well as bigger 50- and 70-liter variants.
All Kathmandu Hybrid variants unzip like a suitcase and feature a vibrant interior lining. This helps you locate what you’re searching for without having to take everything out. They have internal compression straps and a mesh compartment to prevent your things from shifting around while you travel.
Rolling: The Hybrid backpack from Kathmandu includes huge wheels that move effortlessly over varied terrain. The negative is that they’re rather exposed and in danger of being hit and broken, particularly when you consider you’ll have to leave the bigger models to airport baggage handlers! The single-stem T-handle reduces weight but restricts control over the bag. It’s especially evident when the bag is full.

Backpack – The smaller 32-liter model includes narrow shoulder straps. They’re simple to set up, requiring under a minute! There’s no hip belt or sternum strap, so you’ll feel the pressure on your shoulders if you carry the bag over lengthy distances. However, both the 50 and 70-liter variants have padded shoulder straps, a strong hip belt, and cushioned back panel. While this sounds good, neither is especially comfortable to carry over extended distances. They’re meant to be on wheels most of the time, with backpack features being the last option.

  • Eagle Creek Caldera Convertible Carry-On — Best Backpack With Wheels/Daypack Combo


  • Two bag setup
  • Carry on size
  • Made using recyclable materials


  • The cost
  • Single stem handle
  • No water bottle pockets

Two Bags—Eagle Creek’s Caldera Convertible Carry— A backpack with wheels is really two bags: the main pack and a zip-off day pack. It’s touted as a carry-on with both bags linked, but for many cheap and international flights, it’s just a touch too large. However, you may typically carry

the daypack on board as a personal item and the big pack as hand luggage.
Capacity: The Caldera Convertible Backpack has a total capacity of 56 liters. The main pack is 37 liters, while the daypack makes up the other 19 liters. It gives enough space for practically all travelers!
Wheels: Eagle Creek’s convertible carry-on luggage boasts hefty wheels that travel nicely over most terrain. They feature a robust tread design to ensure they stay rolling. When utilizing the wheels, the bag depends on a single-stem, crush-proof T-handle. It’s not the most maneuverable bag, but the bag’s compact size and low center of gravity mean this doesn’t matter too much.
Materials: The bag is constructed from 100% recycled Cordura material. It is abrasion- and tear-resistant and features an eco-friendly, water-repellent finish. All materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing of this bag are Bluesign-approved.
TripSync: Eagle Creek is pioneering TripSync. By pressing the NFC (near-field communication) chip in the bag, you may access the TripSync app. It enables you to record and monitor your journey, check Eagle Creek items, register your bag, learn about the bag’s features, and file a warranty claim if required.
Carry Comfort: When wheels aren’t enough, the Caldera turns into a backpack. It takes a bit longer to convert than other rolling backpacks, but it’s still a straightforward procedure. When you put it on, the cushioned shoulder straps and hip belt evenly distribute weight across your back and hips. You may also carry the daypack on your front, using the Koala attachment points, if you want to keep your precious stuff away from your back.

  • Cabin Max Lyon Cabin Trolley — Best Budget Backpack With Wheels


  • The price
  • Carry-on compatible


  • No hip belt
  • Minimalist strap system
  • Single stem handle

Size — The Lyon Cabin Trolley by Cabin Max fits barely inside carry-on requirements for most flights. However, for certain economy flights, it surpasses the limitations marginally. Thankfully, the bag doesn’t appear huge or cumbersome, so you may be able to slip it on. Not that we’d encourage violating the rules…
Capacity – At 44 liters, the Lyon Cabin Trolley maximizes carry-on capacity. Plus, it weighs only 1.7kg. It’s heavier than most standard travel bags yet light compared to the other wheeled backpacks on our list!
Backpack Carry – The Lyon offers a very basic backpack mode; simply two shoulder straps. They’re cushioned and pretty comfy but there’s no hip belt, so your shoulders bear all the weight. The backpack also offers an intriguing cover for the wheels. It avoids the wheels dragging any dirt or mud onto your clothing while you wear the backpack.
Rolling — Simple rubber casters ensure this Cabin Max bag travels effortlessly and is simple to manage. The single-stem handle loses some control when compared to a double-stem but the trade-off is price and weight. Regardless, this backpack still feels nimble when used on smooth surfaces like nice pavements and airport floors!
Durability – Early versions of this bag suffered various durability problems. There were a number of spots where abrasion developed holes in the fabric. However, newer versions include strengthened plates over regions of heavy wear.
The Price – If you’re searching for a bargain, this is the bag for you. Sure, even with the modifications it’s not as robust as other bags on our list (and the guarantee is nowhere near as strong) but for the price, you won’t find a better rolling backpack!

Eastpak Strapverz S — Best Suitcase With Straps


  • Square shape
  • Maximizes space
  • Double stem handle


  • Not typically within carry-on standards
  • No hip belt or sternum strap
  • Suitcase With Straps: Rather than a backpack with wheels, the Eastpak Strapverz S is more of a soft-sided suitcase with straps. It opens butterfly-style with pockets on both the top and bottom parts. This makes packing and sorting your things a snap, but it might mean storing bulkier items like sweaters or jackets is more problematic than in other bags.
  • Size and Weight: The Strapverz S is the carry-on size for most airlines. When empty, it has a 42-liter capacity and weighs about 2.5 kg. The square design means it efficiently maximizes packability. Since there are no little corners or unusually shaped areas backpackspro are difficult to utilize. However, as previously indicated, the double-deck storage compartments make storing bigger goods a challenge.
  • Wheels: It’s evident this wheeled backpack is meant to be rolled as much as possible. The double stem handle and rubber wheels make the bag simple to lift and move in tight areas. It thrives in airports and on smooth city streets!
  • Backpack Straps: When the terrain becomes unsuitable for wheels, Eastpak’s backpack straps are straightforward to put up. Simply take them from their zipped container and connect them to the D-ring mounting points. However, they’re not particularly well cushioned and lack comfort compared to their competitors. There is no hip belt or sternum strap, thus carrying the backpack over extended distances might become difficult.

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