Fix the Problem of Outlook Calendar Not Showing Meetings on Mac

Many Outlook users use the application on their Mac devices. However, sometimes you may find Outlook calendar not showing meetings in MacBook Pro. It is hard to see the appointments, meetings, and contacts. Naturally, the problem is concerning because you may block several events on your Outlook calendar. However, there are ways to fix this problem.

You can ensure that the calendar is checked in the sidebar and fix the time zone settings in macOS. This is because MacOS and Outlook settings must be correct and correspond to make the appointments reflect correctly. Keep reading to find out more about these resolutions in detail.

Make Outlook Calendar Show Meetings on Mac

You can try a handful of techniques to let the Outlook calendar function properly on Mac. These are explained in the following sections.

1. Check the Calendar in the Sidebar

You can fix this issue by ensuring that the calendar is checked in the sidebar. But if you don’t have a sidebar, select ‘View’ in Outlook, followed by ‘Navigation pane.’ Here you can check the ‘Calendar’ option. This is the place where you can choose to display particular categories of calendar items and hide others. 

To see the events you have created, check ‘No category.’ Also, go ahead and see whether the ‘Contacts’ box is checked. If it isn’t, place a check on it too. 

2. Correct MacOS time Zone Settings

If you find Outlook calendar not showing meetings because the time is incorrect, change the time zone settings. 

  • Hit the Apple icon and open the Apple menu.
  • Now, tap ‘System Preferences.’
  • Open ‘Date & Time’ followed by ‘Time Zone.’
  • If you find the automatically set time zone wrong, remove the check from the ‘Set time and date automatically’ box.
  • Now, adjust the time zone through admin access. 

If you use Outlook for Mac, change the time zone settings by following these steps.

  • Open ‘Preferences’ in Outlook.
  • Now choose ‘Calendar’ followed by ‘Time Zones.’
  • Ensure that the default time zone for new events corresponds to your local time zone. 

3. Update the MacOS Firmware

You may also get the problem of Outlook calendar not showing appointments fixed by updating the macOS firmware. Install the latest macOS updates and fix the glitch preventing the calendar from show meetings.

  • Head to the Apple logo.
  • Tap ‘System Settings…’
  • Go to ‘General’ and hit ‘Software Update.’
  • Wait till the Mac finds a software update.
  • It may take some time to check for the software update.
  • After that, restart the system and see if the problem has been resolved.

4. Verify your MS Account on Mac

You can also try removing the existing Microsoft Exchange account and re-adding it. 

  • Launch the calendar app.
  • Choose ‘Accounts.’
  • Select your Microsoft Exchange account.
  • Delete it and confirm the deletion.
  • To re-add it, open the calendar app and click the ‘Calendar’ tab at the top.
  • Select ‘Accounts…’
  • Click ‘Add Account.’
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange and log in.
  • Tap ‘Sign in’ and enter your password.
  • Enable ‘To re-sync’ calendars.

Final Words

Now you don’t need to worry about missing important events if you find Outlook calendar not showing meetings. Use these easy measures to fix the underlying problem. However, contact an email support service if you still find the problem unresolved.

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