While having access to our ratings and forecasts during an online draught is convenient, the classic fantasy football tool of the cheat sheet may come in handy. You play a different opponent in your league every week, and the winner is determine by who scored the most points per game that week. The next week, we repeat the process. A warm welcome if this is yours. You’ll like it, and more importantly, you’ll appreciate football on a whole new level. Everyone indeed has to start somewhere, and fantasy football is no exception. If you’re new to Fantasy football news 2022, don’t worry — we’ve got you cover. By following these instructions, you’ll be ready to play fantasy football in no time.

You might do some study before writing your draught if you have the time. If you’re a football fan, you probably already have a solid understanding of who is a good player and who isn’t, so you probably don’t need to read all the fantasy football material that’s out there. We advise the Fantasy Football Draft for Dummies for the rookie scout. It’s the same data as our comprehensive cheat sheet, but it’s broken down into rounds and comes with clear guidelines from our fantasy rankings and predictions expert, Mike Clay. Finding out what has changed since the previous season is crucial while doing fantasy football homework.

Fantasy Football

The rules of Fantasy football are simple. You get to choose the players for your team and decide how they’ll play each week. And then you get to watch them run, pass, grab, and play offence, each of which is worth fantasy points. If you make it to the fantasy playoffs during the final few weeks of the regular season, it’s just like the real thing: win and you move on; lose and you’re out of the running. That’s how easy it is.

Top Final Round NFL Playoff Challenge Predictions

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel of the 49ers is one of McClure’s top picks for the NFL Playoff Challenge Championship Round. Because he is capable of penetrating defences both from the air and on the ground, he is one of the more reliable choices to go with this coming weekend. The 49ers should try to include Samuel in the ground game as much as possible despite Philadelphia’s No. 16 ranked run defence.

In the latest NFL news postseason, Samuel has been grant seven carries from scrimmage so far, resulting in over 40 yards on the ground in wins over Seattle and Dallas. Against the Seahawks alone, Samuel caught one of the passes he was targeted for and finished with 133 yards and a touchdown. Considering he has already started the first two games, he is a must-have for McClure’s lineup this weekend. Jerick McKinnon, a running back for the Chiefs, is include on the roster of the best NFL Playoff Challenge team that McClure has construct. He was vital in Kansas City’s offence down the stretch of the regular season, including a game-winning performance in which the Chiefs scored two touchdowns against the Broncos in Week 17. McKinnon has become quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ favourite out-of-the-backfield target, and he also racked up 11 carries in the victory over Jacksonville last weekend.

NFL Playoff Challenge

Since Mahomes is nursing a high ankle sprain he sustained in the divisional round, the Chiefs may have to rely more on their rushing attack on Sunday. They will be looking for short, fast passes to players like McKinnon in the flat to keep Mahomes on his feet. Given that McClure has used McKinnon in both of his NFL Playoff Challenge lineups thus far this postseason, all of McKinnon’s playoff points will be worth a whopping 3x multiplier on Sunday. You can look over the list of potential choices here.

McClure is also attempting to acquire the services of a player who has the potential to explode for huge statistics in both the AFC and NFC Championship Games. The success or failure of your NFL Playoff Challenge lineups may hinge on this pick. Visit SportsLine to find out who it is.

What’s More?

There is no contest: running backs are the most exciting part of fantasy free agency.

Even though the franchise tag could be used on Daniel Jones as well, it seems inevitable that Barkley will be re-sign by New York. In 2022, Jacobs had a breakout year, as he manage a position-high 393 touches that year, so his market is bound to be exciting. Considering that Montgomery has missed at least one game in each of the past three seasons and that the excellent Khalil Herbert is still under contract in Chicago, he may be surplus to requirements.

Sanders has consistently been one of the league’s best runners (5.0 YPC for his career), but his low reception totals (78 yards on 26 targets last season) may cause Philadelphia to seek elsewhere. Due to their impressive performances in supporting parts throughout the course of their first four seasons, Pollard and Mattison are two intriguing names to keep an eye on. Mattison’s departure is more plausible, and he might find a starting position elsewhere as a running back.

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