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Blue World City is one of the best residential and commercial investment options in the twin cities that has all to offer to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We all know that BGC-IGC is the top name that comes to mind when talking about Blue World City. Both these companies are the developers of the mega residential scheme. They aim to develop a city within a city and make BWC the first purpose-built city for tourists. So, we can say that it is the first attempt of any real estate development company in Pakistan to grab the attention of investors worldwide.

But do you know what the developers are doing to fulfill the dream of making the first purpose-built city for tourists? What are they introducing to society that will attract investors and tourists from all over the world? Do you know the development status of the blue world city and what features and amenities will be available in society? Read this article thoroughly, as you will find all the answers to your question. 

Blue World City

The first question is, what is Blue World City Islamabad? The answer is that it is the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan’s capital, developing rapidly. The vision behind the development of this architectural marvel is that the developers have visionary thought behind it. They have observed how developed countries are boosting their economy through tourism. They also observed why people love to visit those countries and their reasons. Then they came up with the idea that people love to live a lavish lifestyle and like to see beautiful attractions that feel like a treat to the eyes.

Therefore, Blue World City is developing by following international standards, and the developer will also introduce all the features in it that will grab the tourist’s attractions. Many people are saying BWC will be the next Dubai destination for tourists. 

BWC Owners & Developers

The blue world city owners & developers are not other than Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of Companies. It is known as the BGC-IGC Consortium. Both are well-known companies and have maintained a remarkable position in the real estate development and construction market. It is not only their First and last project; instead, they are working on many other projects in other cities of the country.


The blue world city location is the most prominent feature of this project. Its location is on the Charki Interchange on the M-2 Motorway. The location is prominent because it offers easy access to other main localities. The plus point is that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is adjacent to the location of the society. Isn’t it amazing factor that someone can get a chance to invest in a project that offers easy accessibility to other business opportunities? Also, one can enter and exit society easily and reach other major city points without being stuck in traffic. 

What Are The New Additions In BWC?

The developers of the Blue World City never miss a chance to amaze the investors with the latest and unique additions to the Master plan. The blue world city features are the most prominent ones attracting the most investors’ attention. Among these features, you can count on the following:

  • World’s tallest horse mascot structures
  • Second Cup Coffee
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Blue Mosque Replica
  • Torch Hotel 
  • Salt N Pepper Restaurant
  • Villaggio Mall
  • Rumi Square 
  • Largest Cricket Stadium
  • Polo Arena

In addition, the other prominent facilities and features of zaitoon city include a Player area, Training area, Pavilion, Themed interiors, Private atrium, Gyms and Spas, Constant supply utility, Swimming pool, Top-notch Maintenance services, Lavish high-rise apartments, Picturesque view. 

This project will be a marvel of Chinese invention and engineering. Contrary to popular belief, it is the best economic housing society in the area. The arrangement is specific to satisfy the demand caused by the influx of more than 2 million Chinese people into Pakistan. Additionally, to promote Chinese residents and improve Pakistani lifestyles, society must provide universally accepted offices and services to meet this requirement. Additionally, the hotel will provide its guests with the cutting-edge amenities listed below, which have never been available before.

Blue World City NOC

The Developers aim to get the investors’ trust. In a real estate project, investors only trust a legal project with a valid No Objection Certificate. Suppose a project does not have a valid NOC from the regulatory authorities. In that case, people do not rely on such projects, and the overall reputation of the developers and the authenticity of the society also declines. 

But there is no need to worry about Blue World City NOC. The developers have received the approved legal status of the project, and now it is safe to invest in a housing society. It comes under the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and the authority has granted its approved status. 

Affordable Prices

The range of pricing available to investors is very affordable, making it suitable for residential investments. Additionally, the installment packages that break up the whole cost into smaller payable chunks overwhelm the investors. Additionally, the investors discover that the location offers incredibly low plot investment rates. As a result, society is receiving a large investment. Last but not least, this page contains further information and specifics on the payable sum and installments. Blue world city payment plan gives the investors hope that they can have their own homes in the best location in the city. 

Why Invest in It?

The housing society is here to alter the real estate industry’s shifting dynamics. Furthermore, the developers are providing the highest standard of living at the most reasonable prices. The housing complex is also being built in the ideal location, which will be adjacent to important monuments and considerable accessibilities. The pricing of residences and commercial buildings will once again be affordable and include an installment plan that will make the deal simpler and easier to pay. Most importantly, the profitable infrastructure and top-notch facilities will successfully achieve financial objectives and living standards. Finally, the blog will have the remaining information.

In addition to Blue World City, investment options such as citi housing kharian and many others can offer you the best options for investment. 

Final Thought

In the article, we have discussed a detailed overview of the latest features and additions in Blue World City. After reading the article, it will be clear to you what the developers are doing in society and what are the development updates. So, get a sigh of relief and invest in the best project in the real estate industry. 

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