HP support assistant not working

HP Support Assistant assists users regarding their HP printer and computer. Using this software, you can easily deal with a common error that might occur while using the printing services. However, many times user often comes with a complaint that their HP support assistant not working. If you also find yourself in the same trouble, this guide is for you. Here, we are going to share the easy instructions on hp support assistant not working troubleshooting. 

Why is the HP support assistant not working?

There could be several possible reasons why you may get an HP Support assistant not working on Windows 10 errors like Improper Installation of Software, Internal System errors, and Compatibility issues. 

How to troubleshoot HP Support Assistant Not Working? 

Troubleshooting HP support assistant is a not difficult process. But if you are having difficulty getting the application to work properly on your computer, this guide will teach you the most important troubleshooting steps to take. Here’s how:

Reinstall HP Support Assistant 

the first step for the troubleshoot hp support assistant not working reinstall the hp support assistant. So follow these steps Properly

  1. Uninstall the support assistant from your computer if it was previously installed by following this article’s instructions.
  2. Once the installation has finished and after restarting your computer, download the software again from the official HP website 
  3. Run the downloaded installation file and follow each step according to its specifications while proving your computer meets minimum system requirements.

Note:  You can use a running operating system such as Windows Vista, OS X 10.7 or later, or Linux kernel 2.6 or higher with a Pentium III processor for HP software installs and updates (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Computer hardware (i.e. hard drive, graphics card, processor, and memory) must be compatible with the application.

  • Upon completion of the installation process and system reboot, launch the program from the Start menu or desktop shortcut created by the installation process.

Run The Troubleshooting 

On the main screen for HP support assistant, select “Troubleshooting.” In its options menu, you will see several tasks to perform depending on your situation. To begin troubleshooting some problems that can produce an HP support assistant not working windows 10 computers.

  1. Select “Start a Web-Based Support Session” followed by “Next. 
  2. Select your operating system and then “Next. Establish the Internet connection and hit the  “Next.
  3.  Enter your HP support account password and click “Continue.” 
  4. In case, you have not made the  HP account,  you need to create it now with a click “Create a New Account” option.
  5. ” A new browser window will display that prompts you to create a password for your account. 
  6. Once the system verifies the password, click on “Log In.”
  7. Select the Windows operating system on this screen and click on Next button. 
  8. Run the troubleshooting process. 

Reinstall the Printer Drivers ‘

Sometimes, the problem is not with the HP Support Assistant, but with the printer drivers. Therefore, you need to reinstall the printer drivers and make sure that you are using up to date version. Here are the steps for reinstallation: 

  1. First of all, remove the previously downloaded drivers. 
  2. Visit the HP official website.
  3. Go to the “Driver Support” section. 
  4. Here, enter your printer model number. 
  5. Click to download the drivers on your device.
  6. Open the Download folder. 
  7. Follow the onscreen guidelines and complete the installation process. 


So, these are some steps that can help you to fix the HP Support Assistant Not Working error on your Windows computer. Make sure that your device is up to date and that you are using the latest printer firmware. Always download the software from a trusted website. Once the problem is fixed, you can continue using the software to deal with the common printer and computer-related issues. 
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