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PowerPoint slides look boring even after working on them for several hours. And this boring work will exhaust the mind of the students and when they present the slides the whole class start yawning. And if you have to present something in the office then the process will become more boring. To make your presentation more engaging and interactive you should use videos related to the topic of the presentation. Adding a video will give a new lie to your PowerPoint slides. And for the videos, YouTube video is the best option. 

We all know how big the platform is. There are 3 ways to add a YouTube video to your PowerPoint. 

You can use YouTube Video as online videos:

PowerPoint versions after 2010 allows the user to add YouTube video as an online video in their presentations. You can use many types of videos like animations etc. And animations are the most engaging type of content and if you are a business owner or individual who want animation videos then you can contact a video animation company to create your desired video. These videos will very help in the office presentation. 

Steps to embed the YouTube Video:

  1. Choose the video you want to add to your presentation and use it as an online video. go to that video and copy the link of the video on the top URL bar of the browser. 
  2. The second step is placing the link in the presentation. Go to your presentation and go to the top bar of the PowerPoint. And then select “Insert option”. And after that select the video option. Then click on the “Online video” option.
  3. Then you will see the option of YouTube video. paste the link there. 
  4. And you can also place any other YouTube video by searching on the same PowerPoint slide. And you can just embed any video. Just click on the search option. And now you are open to embed any of the videos you want. 
  5. Another benefit is that you can also customize the size of the video according to your need.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using this way to embed YouTube video:

The advantage of using this way to embed a video is that it is very easy to do. And it just takes a few seconds to do that. 

And the disadvantages are that it will not work in the old versions of PowerPoint and the controls of the video are also not available. One more disadvantage is that the user should have an internet connection to embed that video. 

Add YouTube video by Embedded code:


  1. One more way to embed a YouTube video in your PowerPoint is by adding the embedded code. Go to YouTube and find the video you want to embed into your PowerPoint. Then click on the share button of the video. And then click on the Fragment sign which is mentioned in the left corner as “Embed”.
  2. Now, you will get the complete html string of the 2d video animators on the right side of the screen. You have to copy the whole link. 
  3. Then go to your slide. And click on the “Insert ” option and then choose the “Online video” option. And then two new options will appear on the screen and you have to choose the one which says ” From a video embed code”.
  4. Then click on the insert Button to add the video.  

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantage of using this way to embed any YouTube video in the presentation is that you will get the controls with the video. So, you can easily control the video with the pause, and play options. And forward or backward options. 

1) The Disadvantage of using this way is that it takes a bit more time and there are some possibilities of errors. Like if you can’t choose the link properly the link will not work. 

2) The second disadvantage is that the user should have an internet connection to play this video.

Embed the YouTube Video as a Screencast or (Screen Recording) in the PowerPoint:


  1. Open your PowerPoint. And then the slide in which you want a screen recording video. Click on the insert option and then select the option which says “Screen Recording”. This option is on the right corner of the top tab in the PowerPoint.
  2. Now, you are ready to crop the YouTube video or use it as a screen recording. After clicking on the “Screen Recording ” option. You will see 5 more options which are “Select area”, “Record”, “Save”, “Mouse pointer”, “and audio”. To choose a specific area of the video you can choose the select area. And then the video will start recording. 
  3. The recording will contain the audio and the mouse movement so you can easily turn off these options by clicking on the mouse pointer and Audio option.
  4. Now, save the video from the save button and your video will be embedded in your presentation slide.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantage of using this way to embed YouTube videos is that you can easily play this video without any internet connection.

And the disadvantages are that the recorded video will be of less quality and not the same resolution as the original video. 

Another disadvantage is that it will take way more time than the previous methods. Because you have to record the whole video. And if you want a 5-minute video then you have to wait to complete the recording. And only then you can play it. 

Bottom Line:

If you want to show your presentation in a more appealing way. If you want to engage the viewers with your presentation or you want to impress your teachers then you should add videos to it. Videos are more engaging than texts. And there are 3 ways you can use to embed a YouTube video into your PowerPoint slide. The first way is to use the video link and paste it into the YouTube video section in the online video. But in this way, you cannot control the video. And the second way is to embed the video via an embed link.

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