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How to Draw Super Sonic. Many famous video game characters have won fans around the world. Few characters in video games can rival Sonic the Hedgehog for fame.

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This fast-paced character is incredibly popular in many video games and even a blockbuster live-action film.

He’s often seen in his blue appearance, but he can become the powerful Super Sonic with some power-ups.

This is a popular form for the character, and many fans enjoy learning how to draw Super Sonic.

For fans of this character, this tutorial is all you need to start creating some amazing works of art!

How to Draw Super Sonic

Step 1

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide on how to draw Super Sonic, Sonic is in his state in this representation that we will be working on.

When he’s in his Super Sonic form, there are a few differences from his normal appearance, and most are subtle.

The golden color it takes on is the main one, but there are also differences, such as B. the way his feathers point up instead of down.

Now you can draw the rounded but pointy shapes of his eyes and add some rounded lines for his snout and mouth.

Finally, use more rounded lines with pointed tips for the big feathers at the back of the head. If you’d rather see Sonic in his normal form, tilt him down.

Step 2

To continue this drawing of Super Sonic, the next appearances that we will add will be the chest and the first arm.

Starting at his chest, you can draw an oval shape under his head and then use curved lines around it. Its back will also have some large pointed sections sticking out.

Next, draw a long, skinny shape for his arm, then add his gloved hand pointing towards the end. You are now ready for the third step of this guide!

Step 3

The pose we will draw in this guide on how to draw Super Sonic has him exploding in triumph.

To further illustrate the pose, we’ll add her legs in this third step of the tutorial. The leg on the left is raised, so you can use some curved lines to represent it.

The leg on the right is stretched straight and down with its big shoe on end.

Then you can also pull the shoe onto the bent left leg. Finally, draw his little pointed tail on his back, and then we can continue to add to this picture in the fourth step of the tutorial.

Step 4

In these final steps, we will get to the final elements and details of this Super Sonic drawing.

We’re keeping things simple in this fourth part of the guide. All you have to do is swipe left. Use curved lines to draw his clenched fist with his thumb curled over it.

Once that punch is added, you’re ready for some final details and stuff in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

You’ve completed all of the outlines for this image, and in this step of our how-to-draw Super Sonic guide, we’re going to focus on some finer details.

We’ll add many small curved lines across the head, body, and limbs to do this. These lines help add some depth to the image and add some shading to the image.

Once you’ve added these details, it’s time to finish off with some finishing touches and personal touches!

This is where you can let your creativity run wild, as it’s about creating your perfect Super Sonic picture.

You can add elements such as other characters from the Sonic universe or draw a background to showcase your favorite Super Sonic scenes and moments.

Step 6

Now it’s time to finish this Super Sonic drawing with some paint! The color of this incarnation of the character is the biggest difference between her and Sonic’s usual appearance.

As seen in our reference image, Super Sonic is finished in vibrant golds and yellows, in contrast to the blue of its default form.

She also has red pupils and shoes for some color contrast.

You could use these colors to recreate Super Sonic, but if you’d rather show him in his standard form, you can colorize him blue instead.

Your Super Sonic Drawing is Finished!

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