Hippo Coloring Pages

Hippo Coloring Pages. With their voluminous bodies, short legs, and large jaws, hippos are one of the most exciting animals on the planet. Children love these huge mammals for their distinctive properties and funny appearance. So why not bring your children on an adventure in the charming world of animals with these cute Hippo coloring pages?

Download these coloring pages and print them for free to teach your children the hippos and promote their creativity. Dinosaur coloring sheet is the new fun article you can visit.

New Hippo Coloring Pages


Hippos are the largest terrestrial mammal. They live in areas with plenty of water on the African continent because they need them to cool their huge bodies. The beautiful mammal in our first printable, Hippo, is shown on the one hand so we can see it in all its splendor. The Hippo is on the floor here, but we are sure they only prepare to take another bath in the river. You can dye it in classic gray colors or be brave and select a combination of different colors for this delightful Hippo.


Running is a social creature, so they live in groups or packs of 10 to 30 members. A dominant man usually leads these groups. However, Hippo families can be much larger and reach 200 members. As you can see, this beautiful mammal is all alone on our second side of the Hippo coloring page. We can only assume that his family is somewhere nearby. You could keep it in society and color him until he gathered with his sisters and brothers.


Running is referred to as calves and delightful. Did you know that the female Hippo sometimes gives birth to her Vitelli underwater? After birth, the small hippos are driven to breathe by their mothers on the surface.

This beautiful Hippo is strong enough to load alone through the water. But we are sure that his mother still keeps an eye on him. You can adhere to the usual combination of gray rose or use softer shades to color this little Hippo.


Just like children, young Hippo also loves playing. You like to play label games, hiding or injecting in the water. What could be nicer than spending time in the tropical Savannah? This Hippo is a very playful atmosphere. She has a great smile on her face, and on the one hand, she looks as if she is waiting for another hippo to join the game. We do not know which game this Hippo is playing, but let’s see that this page seems much better with a little color.


Hippo Coloring Pages

The mammal on our next Hippo coloring pages is quite large. According to its size, it could be the leader of the group. Male leaders are responsible for protecting their territory by fighting their rivals. We have some suggestions if you need to learn how to color this Hippo. In real life, hippos have gray leather with a muddy brown on most bodies. But the skin around the eyes, ears, mouth, and stomach has pink tones. You can use these shades to give this friendly hippo life.


In their natural habitat, plugs are generally surrounded by other creatures. It is not unusual to see how the birds are on the back of a Hippo. It is because birds help horses get rid of parasites, and they, therefore, develop a close relationship. We don’t see any birds or animals near this Hippo, but he looks at himself. He noticed something interesting. Maybe he saw a crocodile approaching or just inspected the territory. You could draw some birds around the hip to complete the scene.


Life in African Savannah can be challenging. Even if the hippos are immersed in the water for most of their day, they are much more active at night, looking for food. This Hippo coloring pages show a huge Hippo on the floor. Since it is not in the water, we assume she spent all night over the pasture, and now it’s time for a well-made break. It would be nice to draw a little grass to draw this Hippo so that it looks like he just ended his dinner.


Hippos are semi-aquatic animals. They spend most of their time in rivers and lakes to stay fresh in warm Africa. Did you know that hippos can keep their breath underwater for five minutes? It is a fantastic ability. In these hippopotamus coloring pages, you can see how much the hippos have to live in the water. Here we have a happy hippo in a small pond, surrounded by rocks and grass. You can join the fun by coloring our swampy friend and his surroundings.


Here is an entertaining fact about hippos for children: they can suck underwater. They developed this ability to join their mothers in the water. However, you cannot swim. They only move by pressing out of the water. This beautiful Hippo seems relatively young, but we are sure he already knows how to make some makeup in the water. You can use any color you will be happy to color this child. You could add a splash of water to the picture.


During our latest coloring of a printable hippo, you can see one of these beautiful mammals in its natural habitat. It is near water with some lush shrubs and bushes. From this scenario, we can assume that the rainy season started in the African Savannah. Hippos love the rainy season when the food is plentiful, and there is plenty of water for swimming. Take the colored pens and use your creativity to color this powerful Hippo and the beautiful landscape around you.

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