Stuck at Gmail Not Syncing With Yahoo Mail - Here’s the Fix

Veteran users of the emailing service might find it tough to change their accounts. Many of them use Yahoo, which is not a surprise given its reputation. So when they come across Gmail not syncing with Yahoo mail , it means trouble.

Why Do Users Need Gmail to Sync with Yahoo?

The popularity of the Android OS has seen a huge spike in Gmail numbers. It is no surprise since Gmail is one of the best-performing email applications. The app also provides a platform for users of other services to use it as a tool to exchange mail. Regardless if you have a Gmail ID, you can still enjoy the smooth functioning application.

Causes Behind the Yahoo Mail Not Syncing

Some of the most common reasons behind the sync failure of Yahoo are:

  • Incorrect server settings in the Gmail application, including POP 3 and IMAP;
  • Another possibility is that the Yahoo server is down.
  • Connectivity issues can also cause sync issues.

How to Fix the Issue of Gmail Not Syncing with Yahoo mail

After exploring the reasons, it is time to get rid of the problem. In this section, we provide you the prompt solutions:

Method 1 – Reconnect your Account

  • Launch the Gmail app, and navigate to Settings > See all Settings;
  • Next, click on Accounts and Imports;
  • Now in the Mails & Contacts section, and then go to the Yahoo account and hit Delete;
  • After that, click on the Import from Another Address button and add the Yahoo button;
  • Now hit the Continue button to accept the shuttle cloud migration button;
  • The app will now redirect you to the Yahoo login page. Now enter the credentials and hit Sign In;
  • Finally, select the services that you want and enter the Start Import Yahoo Account.


Method 2 – Verify the POP 3 Settings

      Check the settings to ensure that the POP 3 data reflects the following:

  • The server address should reflect;
  • Port No. will be 995, and SSL should reflect On.

Method 3 – Check Status of the Yahoo Server

To proceed with this, connect with Yahoo’s customer service. They will provide the correct information as to the status of the server. If there is downtime, then you need to wait for it to be over. Once it is back online, you shall be able to receive the emails.

 Method 4 – Check the Filters

An incorrect setting might cause an error in your Gmail application. To resolve this, visit the Gmail website and then:

  • Navigate to the Filters and Blocked option;
  • Finally, click on the Delete button next to the Mail Filters.


Bonus – Clear Data in the Browser

The above steps focus on the situation where you can’t sync Yahoo mail to Android or the iOS app. However, if you find this issue in your system, then try the following too:

  • Clear your browsing data, cache, and cookies;
  • Use another browser and check if Yahoo mail works on it.

To conclude

The issue of Gmail not syncing with Yahoo mail is pretty simple to fix. It involves a few basic steps and you can start sharing emails again. Before fixing, just ensure that the Yahoo servers are fine. Since without them there will be no transfer of data.

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