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It is crucial to register your company and get all the documents required by the registrar in India before you start business operations.

India has 1.3 billion inhabitants, making it the second most populous country in the world. India has been one of the fastest growing economies in recent years. India’s economy is growing, as well as its population and demand for goods. India’s economy is growing, and so is its ability to provide for its citizens.

To increase financial strength, you must first provide services to people. Especia offers the best and most cost-effective Indian company registration services.

A variety of services are offered by Indian company registration services. This service provides one-stop solutions for company registration, incorporation and registration of share capital.

It makes it easier to start a business, reduces administrative and legal formalities, and minimizes initial investment by entrepreneurs in terms both of time and money.

Online company registrations offer many benefits:

It reduces time spent by team members on the registration process. It increases visibility of the business and has a positive effect on the whole company.

Registering your company is the fastest way for you to start your business. Registering your company will give you many benefits, such as

  • It will increase your reputation in the community as well as provide you with some protection against litigation.
  • Members of the company are not liable for the debts of the company.
  • You can also borrow money and increase your borrowing capacity.
  • Promotors can only raise equity funding through the company.

It is important to incorporate a business because it will increase the credibility of your company. A registered company can help you know who to contact if your business goes under.

Checklist to Register a Company

We guarantee compliance with the checklist requirements as defined in the Companies Act 2013.

A company is a legal entity that was created by the laws of a country or state. Companies are usually granted the right to conduct business in certain manufacturing, retail, or services sectors by the government. These rights are granted by the government to allow a company to operate within the laws. It is important to know that company registration is only for companies and not for individuals.

  • The company name is unique, and does not infringe on any other company’s ownership rights.
  • A board of directors is required for a registered company.

A board of directors is composed of an appointed chairman, chief executive and secretary. The “head” of the company is the appointed chairman. The chief executive or secretary takes care of the day-today operations of the company.

  • Two directors – Private companies must have at least two directors
  • Unique business name – Carefully choose your business name. Your character must be unique and not identical to any other company or trademarks.
  • Minimum capital contribution- No minimum capital amount.

You must have a minimum of one lakh in your authorized capital.

  • Register office- Let’s say the company doesn’t have a registered address. We use the NOC issued by the registered office holder in this case.

Certificate of registration for company:

To help you start your business smoothly, we will handle all the formalities for company registration. So that your business can start without delay, we provide all necessary documentation to the registrar.

The company registration certificate is the primary document used to register the incorporation. This document is used by the registrar to register the incorporation of the company and verify compliance of the directors as required by the Registrar of Companies.

How to Register Online – The Company Registration Process

Especia is a platform that allows companies to register business entities. It offers a simplified process, access to account opening, and access to a wide variety of services at competitive rates.

Especia is there to help you with the incorporation. Our experts will assist you in the registration of your company.

  • Get a digital signature certificate
  • Request a DIN (director identification number)
  • Apply for name availability
  • Submission of AoA and MoA
  • Apply for TAN and PAN
  • RoC is a certificate of incorporation

Indian law is a common requirement for many companies that are involved in an Indian startup. This is because these companies know that they have the potential to grow into large companies in the future.

Startups can benefit from company registration because it offers certain tax benefits.

The formal process of forming company is called company registration. It is often beneficial to have the founders of a startup and any other key employees registered as companies. It makes it much easier to manage the day-to-day business of the company, such as payroll, taxes, and tracking expenses.

Online Company Registration: Documents

Online registration is possible in many ways. Especia makes it easy to fill out the Companies House online registration form.

Without proper identification proof, Indian private limited company registration is not possible. There are two options for companies: they can be registered as individuals or as partnerships.

Private limited companies will need to provide proof of address, an identification card number, date and birth, PAN, and PAN.

These are the mandatory documents required for company registration

  • A photograph of a form with signature and picture of the person
  • The paper and a passport-sized photo.

This is the only requirement to form a company. People applying for incorporation must fill out a form that includes details such as the name and address of the company, the PAN number, and the date.

Identification Proof

  • A scan of your PAN card
  • Scanned copy of voter ID/ Driving license/passport/Aadhar Card
  • A scan of the mobile bill/electricity/gas bill/bank statement bill
  • Two passport-sized photos with scanned signatures on blank documents

Registrar Proof

  • A scan of the mobile bill/electricity/gas bill/bank statement bill
  • Photocopy of English notarized rental agreement
  • Copy of the no-objection certificate from the landlord should be inspected
  • Original scan of the English property act/sale deed in English

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