Blue Spot Whiskey is a German exclusive whiskey from Ireland. It’s not only the first whiskey brand to be produced in Germany but also Germany’s only Irish whiskey. Every drop of Blue Spot was distilled and matured in Ireland, and then bottled by the Irish Distillers Group at their facility in Cork, Ireland before being shipped over to Germany.

Blue Spot Whiskey isn’t just any ordinary Irish whiskey; it’s made using 100% malted barley sourced from the famous Golden Vale region. To give it its unique taste and character, this grain undergoes triple distillation by using pot stills which produce unique flavors that aren’t found with column stills used by most other distilleries today! These characteristics make Blue Spot one of the most unique whiskeys you’ll ever try!+

What is Blue Spot Whiskey?

Blue Spot Whiskey is an artisanal whiskey produced in Germany by the company Berentzen. It’s a blend of American and European whiskeys that has been aged for at least 6 years, creating a smooth taste with a light blue color.

The name “Blue Spot” comes from the traditional way of marking barrels when they’re ready to be shipped: workers will paint an X on the barrel with blue paint, then fill its contents into bottles or kegs. This process allows customers to easily identify each bottle as being part of their batch, which means they can tell if any particular bottle was compromised during transit–and they’ll know exactly how long it’s been since their drink was made (since all Blue Spot products are aged for at least 6 years).

History of Blue Spot Whiskey

  • Blue Spot Whiskey is a German whiskey. It’s made in Germany, and it’s distilled in Germany–by the Blue Spot Distillery.
  • The whiskey is blended from different whiskeys that are aged for at least 4 years. The exact blend will be different each year, but it always consists of some Scotch malt whisky and Irish pot still whiskey (which gives it its signature blue color).

Why is it so popular in Germany?

Blue Spot Whiskey is a unique taste that’s worth trying. It’s a unique brand, with an exclusive taste that only Germany has access to!

It’s no wonder why this whiskey is so popular here in Germany; it’s truly one-of-a-kind and stands out from the rest of its competition.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy Blue Spot Whiskey in Germany and other European countries, as well as online. If you’re looking for a bottle of this German treasure, try visiting a liquor store or bar that specializes in whiskey.

The history of Blue Spot Whiskey makes it an exclusive and unique taste that’s worth trying.

Blue Spot Whiskey is a distilled whiskey made by the Blue Spot Distillery in Hamburg, Germany. It has been around since 1871 and it’s still going strong today.

It’s important to know how this whiskey was created because it will give you a better idea of why this brand is so popular in Germany. The distillery uses only natural ingredients that are grown locally: water from their own spring, barley grown on their farm and rye which they harvest themselves every year. They also have their own special strain of yeast which gives Blue Spot Whiskey its unique flavor profile–one that you won’t find anywhere else!

In addition to being made with all-natural ingredients (and no additives), Blue Spot Whiskey ages for six years before bottling–three times longer than most other whiskeys on the market today. This long aging process allows time for complex flavors to develop making each sip even more flavorful than before!

A German exclusive whiskey from Ireland

Blue Spot Whiskey is a German exclusive whiskey from Ireland. It’s not available in the United States or anywhere else, so if you want to try it out, you’ll have to make a trip over there!

The story of Blue Spot Whiskey

The story of Blue Spot Whiskey begins in 1845. A young man named Heinrich Wieland leaves his home in Munich to begin a career as an apprentice at Dettelbach Distillery. He quickly becomes enamored with the craft, but when he tries to convince his father that he should stay at the distillery instead of returning home after completing his training, he is met with disappointment and harsh criticism from both sides of his family.

After years of working hard without recognition or appreciation from anyone around him, Heinrich decides that it’s time for him to take matters into his own hands…

The Mashbills of the special Blue Spot Whiskey

To make Blue Spot Whiskey, three different types of whiskeys are used: 80% single malt whiskey and 20% grain whiskey. All three kinds of whiskey have to be distilled in Ireland before being aged for at least three years. After this time has passed, a blend is created from all three distillates and then bottled in Germany.

The result is a smooth-drinking spirit with notes of fruit and caramel that would make any whiskey lover smile!

Where to buy Blue Spot Whiskey in Germany?

  • You can buy Blue Spot Whiskey at a store or online.
  • You can get it at a bar.
  • You can get it from a friend, or even your neighbor!

You can get a bottle at your local store or online shop.

You can get a bottle at your local store or online shop.

If you’re in Germany, there’s no need to go far: Blue Spot Whiskey is available at all major supermarkets and liquor stores across the country. If you want to find out where else it’s available in Europe, check out their website here!


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