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WhatsApp is a package of all the different features, be they communication, cost-effectiveness, location-based messaging, or time-based messaging.

We explore the benefits of using WhatsApp for event ticketing and how it can be a game changer for all of us by increasing revenue within minutes of making a few changes.

While using WhatsApp, the few changes that you will be able to feel are improved engagement and increased attendance, and ultimately, your event will attain success.

With the rise of digitalization, event ticketing can be done online through the new powerful tools of WhatsApp which has made the task easier for emerging event marketers. 

Whatsapp has over two billion monthly active users, and over time it has become the best, most efficient, and most popular messaging app, which allows event organizers to reach and engage with a large audience in a personalized way that is also cost-effective.

Why Whatsapp?

The answer is simple because it is easy to use and already has an audience of 2 billion.

What else could be a better reason to use WhatsApp? 

Whatsapp helps you to save a lot of time and money in order to reach your target audience. 


Whatsapp with over two billion users, allows us to lead to higher levels of engagement. It allows us to communicate with our target audience directly which is amazing. 

Increased participation: 

Through whatsapp, event organizers can send personalized reminders and updates about the event which will develop a sense of unity and will trigger the user to join the event. 

Personalized experience:

We must think as an attendee while designing an event, and make sure what all things would make an user feel more attached to the event. By this methodology, we will end up making a beautiful personalized experience for our audience while event ticketing. 

Gathering feedback made easy: 

This feature of WhatsApp, which allows direct communication with attendees, allows us to gather valuable feedback on what all departments are doing well and what needs serious attention.

Enhances the chances of attendees to return back: 

If you achieve success in keeping the attendees informed throughout the event, you can definitely improve the percentage of attendees returning for future events.

Enhance the chance of getting recommended to others:

If people feel attached to the event, they are more likely to refer the event to others which will eventually help us to increase our attendee rate.  


This can be achieved by using dynamic form fields while asking attendees to fill out a form about their information.

From the data gathered, you can group them accordingly and then send them customized messages. 

You must be creative in thinking about how you can make it more personalized. 

Although the process is kind of time-consuming, it is all worth it once you start seeing the results in the form of increased retention and referral rates.

Location and time-based messaging

This feature of WhatsApp will help you get yourself placed in your user’s calendar, which is a great thing.

It will help you send real-time messages to the attendees without any chaos.

You can also set up automated messages to be sent at a specific time according to your preferences.

How to use WhatsApp to increase attendance?

All the hard work can go in vain if you are unable to fill all the seats in the room. The resources get wasted, the time invested in planning gets wasted, and everything else related can go to waste if attendance is low.

It is not only a major disappointment but can also lead to financial loss.

It doesn’t matter if the event relies on sponsors and advertisers because it can lead to less exposure for all of us.

Low attendance can somehow leave a negative impression on the attendees, and even the attendees who signed up would not be returning to such an event, which is less contentious and interactive.

These are a few steps which are advisable to take if you are facing such issues: 

Event ticketing 

Whatsapp has now made event ticketing a handy feature because of its messaging tool.Attendees can directly get themselves a ticket through WhatsApp itself by using QR code-based digital tickets. What you need to do is integrate your communication with your ticketing software, and you are good to go.

Whatsapp for event registration will help you increase ticket sales by making the process more accessible for your events.

Provide necessary information

Once you have your attendee registered for the event, make them involved in each and every small event that is a part of it to make them feel more involved and comfortable.

This will ensure that the attendee is confident while attending the event.

This information may include the location, schedule, speakers, and any changes or updates to the event.


Integrate WhatsApp with your marketing strategy to help your event reach a wider audience and get enhanced exposure from your sponsors and advertisers. This will help with the branding of your event. 

Provide support 

Make whatsapp a more approachable way to get your attendees’ problems solved in no time. You may deploy whatsapp chatbot for the same, and without wasting any time it would manage everything single handedly. 


 You can use WhatsApp to boost engagement, increase event registration & attendance, and ultimately make your event a success. WhatsApp’s capabilities, which include personalized communication, location and time-based messaging, and over two billion monthly active users, enable you to reach and engage with a huge audience in a cost-effective and personalized manner.

Using WhatsApp for event marketing can boost attendance, improve event experience, collect vital feedback, and increase attendee retention and referral.

The major point is that you should consider using WhatsApp into your next event marketing campaign to maximize success and capitalize on the opportunity.

By Amelia

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