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In the speaking portion of the PTE exam, the “Retell lecture” is where you can easily earn high scores if you have strong concentration and listening skills. You will hear a 6-second audio clip in a retold lecture, and you will need to retell it into the microphone in your own words. You should also strengthen your listening skills if you want to perform well in the PTE speaking section. Take a notepad with you when you tackle the retelling phase. Take notes on everything you hear in the audio and then express it in your own words. The PTE takes 40 seconds to complete.

The PTE exam is a well-known English certification examination, and the results will determine if an applicant is qualified to study or work abroad. You can seek counsel from the Top coaching facility providing the best PTE coaching if you require better assistance on the matter.

When it comes time for the speaking test, many students struggle to handle Retell lectures. If you share this worry, have a look at the best strategies for the retell lecture that will enable you to get a 7+ or 8+ band score:

Create a note

While listening to the audio on the microphone, be ready with the notepad. Whatever the speaker says, pay close attention, jot down the key points, and then expand on them on the recorder. Make an effort to use a strong vocabulary, connecting words, idioms, and proper grammar. Utilizing erasable notepads is an excellent idea. Many candidates take notes quickly, which causes their handwriting to degrade and makes it challenging for them to understand their own written words as they are being recorded. Thus, it is advised to utilize charts or diagrams to make notes or for other purposes. Write sentences with many words so you can use them to frame your notes instead of just one-word notes. Also, make a note of important words like adjectives, verbs, nouns, and adverbs.

Use the template to get ready

Utilize the template to help you prepare and give the lecture in an organized and concise manner. Using a structural template will enable you to maximize your score and avoid making unneeded mistakes. Let’s clarify with the following example:

a subject covered in the retelling lecture.

  • Keyword 1: What was said by the speaker?
  • Keyword 2: Are there any statistics or facts?
  • Keyword 3: What was the speaker’s major topic of discussion in the lecture?
  • Keyword 4: The speaker’s advice or final thoughts on the subject

Avoid pausing when speaking

Avoid pausing when giving detailed responses in the microphone because doing so will cause your microphone to cut out. The recorder would cease recording your voice after three seconds if you stopped speaking. Never use the words “Uhm” or “Ahm,” etc. In the exam, try to speak less but with more useful material.

Many candidates attempt to speak longer because they think that if they explain more on the topic, they will receive a higher score, even though they won’t be able to conclude the topic with a helpful proposal. Retell lecture, therefore, does not focus on explanation but rather on briefly recounting the material in your own terms. So, take care of these things, and if you still need insightful PTE test advice, visit or speak with one of the Top PTE coaching centers to gain the best PTE online coaching.

Use proper grammar and conjunctions

Your phrases should be correct according to grammatical standards when you summarise courses. Use the proper verb tenses, linking words, and grammar. Additionally, additionally, firstly, and moreover, together with a strong vocabulary, will help you achieve the highest score possible on the Speaking test of PTE exam.

  • Speaking clearly and fluidly
  • Talk loudly.
  • Do not pause.
  • A gentle and fluid speaking rhythm is required.
  • Eliminate word repetition.
  • A brief pause is required between each sentence.
  • Pay attention to the vowel words.
  • Keep your cool when speaking.
  • Speak without prompting.

Please keep in mind that if you attempt to add more content, your fluency may be affected. Just concentrate on your exam, and don’t worry about what other test-takers are doing or saying. Therefore, it is wise to conduct research before taking the test.


There is no quick way to pass the PTE exam with the highest possible band. One needs to practice and work hard in order to get a high score or an 8+ band. Before you enter the lesson, we urge you to be at ease. Expect a loud classroom, and start the exam after the other candidates so that you won’t be interrupted when they start filming. Additionally, improve your listening abilities. You wouldn’t be able to elaborate on what you hear on the mike if you can’t listen well. These are all the pertinent advice you need to pass the PTE exam.

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