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A lot of factors amalgamate together to define the best health insurance policy. Apart from the coverage and cost, you must also look into the authenticity of your insurance provider to make the health insurance journey hassle-free. If you are puzzled by the question, “Which health insurance is best,” you can go for the acclaimed health insurance policies like Bajaj Allianz, Aditya Birla and Manipal Cigna health insurance, which are very popular in the Indian market. There is also another thing you need to be mindful of apart from the brand. Here are the 7 most important factors that decide the best health insurance. 

Decide the best health insurance by analyzing these metrics. 

The tenure 

If you are searching for an answer to the best health insurance, you must definitely consider this foremost criterion. The tenure of the policy is very important. If you are paying for the health insurance, you must make sure that the tenure for that particular health insurance is adequate and worth its cost. The longevity of health insurance matters and helps in times of emergency. Some providers offer a very minimal tenure which is not much beneficial to the policyholder. You can check out the Manipal Cigna health insurance, which has health insurance plans that are valid for a longer time. 


If your head buzzes with the question ‘which health insurance is best?’ have a look at the coverage and the inclusions of that particular health insurance plan. Manipal Cigna Heath insurance offers health insurance plans that have all the medical necessities covered. Most health insurance plans cover the pre-and post-hospitalization charges, ambulance charges as well as other regular checkup-related expenses. It is highly well-rewarding and one of the best health insurance policies in India. 

Premium cost

The premium cost is affected by various factors like the number of members involved in the policy, age of the members of the family, medical history and the resident zone. The premium cost, however, greatly varies with the variance of an insurance company. Make sure you prudently choose the best insurance provider who offers extensive plans at an affordable premium cost. Check out Manipal Cigna health insurance for more amazing and affordable deals. 


Which health insurance is best? Definitely, the one that has amazing policies and plans to fit the customer’s requirements. The policies decide the very structure of your plan and what it includes. Therefore, policies must be paid attention to. Make sure you choose wisely after analyzing the health insurance policies. 

Availability of add-ons

The health insurance companies like Manipal Cigna health insurance provide various add-ons that can be added to an existing insurance policy. These provide additional coverage against unexpected charges and medical emergencies.

Freedom to increase the coverage amount

Although, various policies and plans pertaining to the different health insurance companies have a fixed coverage amount depending on the various inclusions. However, you can easily add a particular amount and use it as a part of your coverage amount. In other words, we can say that you are allowed to increase the coverage amount easily. Many health-insurance companies like Manipal Cigna health insurance allow it. 

Cashless facilities

Wondering which health insurance is best? Definitely the one with cashless service facilities. Make sure that the policy you are buying from a particular insurance provider provides cashless benefits. The majority of the insurance providers offer cashless treatment facilities through their vast network of hospitals. Prudently choose a provider who offers cashless treatments and an easy claim process. In case, if cashless services are not provided, you can go for reimbursement.

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