Doing homework is a time-consuming affair. Students spend hours doing homework after returning from school, which makes it very frustrating for them. So, many students drop the idea of doing the homework themselves and hire professional assignment help experts.

While these paper help experts are qualified and can provide accurate and fast homework help, hiring someone else to do your work isn’t ideal. It becomes questionable if you pay someone and ask for programming assignment help on ethical grounds. So, it is always advised that students should learn how to write their homework assignments themselves. Here are twelve tips that can help you learn how to complete your homework faster –

Make a Plan

Before starting to write the homework, you must have a plan in your mind. Students often overlook this step and fall in a rut. Just like your favorite strategy game, you need a strategy to do your homework too. First, calculate how much time you may need to finish the work within the deadline. It is ok if it is not 100% accurate. But you will certainly have an idea of how much time it may take to complete the entire assignment. Make a schedule accordingly. You can use this personalized calendar to do your homework. With a physical calendar before them, students can easily remember their tasks and visualize the schedule.

Manage Your Time

Time management is an extremely under-appreciated value in students. As you move up the classes, you get more and more assignments. When academic pressure becomes insurmountable, time management helps students to manage everything seamlessly. So, before doing homework, fix specific hours for your homework. Doing homework at a specific time every day creates a set routine. That way, you will know exactly when to attend to your other commitments and when to write the assignment. Remember these four steps to manage time –

  • Decide how much time you want to spend on your homework.
  • List down all the tasks you need to attend to that day.
  • Estimate how much time you will need to complete each of these tasks.
  • Always stick to the list you created.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule helps you with multiple benefits. You can easily know which tasks are more important. So you can prioritize those and manage the rest of the schedule efficiently. Students can also color code or highlight the tasks they want to prioritize.

Nowadays, students are becoming more tech-savvy and using technology instead of paper and pen to create reminders for homework. Mobile alerts and reminders on Google Calendar easily help them to remember pending tasks. You can also use technology to set specific hours for revising and correcting assignments.

Create an outline for Homework

Create an outline of the homework before writing it. Before you are confused about the functions of an outline, let us clue you in. For example, can you become a good sportsman if you have weak bones? If you have a strong skeleton, you can become a successful athlete. Similarly, this outline is the “skeleton” of your homework.

You don’t need to be detailed while creating the outline. Simply summarize what you want to write and the topic of research. Always keep checking the outline with your professors. They can nudge you in the right direction if needed. They can also advise you to add additional points if required. That way, you get a clear direction and know what to write for the assignment.

Break Down Big Tasks

Facing a smaller task is always less intimidating than facing a big homework. You can never predict or control the size of your homework. However, you can certainly plan smartly to make it manageable. Break the whole task into smaller chunks. For example, allocate a whole day just for researching. Take your time to dig through numerous sites and articles, and note everything down. Spend another day arranging everything you have compiled. Similarly, you can allocate certain days for writing and revising the paper.

If you start doing all of them at once, it is normal for you to get confused and break down. So, break everything into smaller parts and manage the homework easily.

Make the Work Environment Comfortable

It is scientifically proven that the workspace environment can directly impact your productivity. Students can always work faster if they study in a distraction-free environment. Similarly, your speed will inevitably drop if you have people talking around you or the TV is on.

Get yourself a comfortable chair with good lumber support. Practice working only at a desk and avoid sitting on beds and couches while doing homework. This will not only lead to chronic pains in the neck and shoulder but getting too comfortable can drop the production rate.

Do the Homework When You Feel Fresh

There are certain hours in our daily life when we feel more energized. Some of us are morning people, while some are night owls. You must always do the homework when you feel most focused. Doing homework requires full concentration, so it is best to attempt those when you are feeling pumped.

You can also try working after having your meals. That way, you don’t have to get distracted by hunger and can focus entirely on writing.

Start Working after Returning from School

Experts say that the ideal time to sit with the homework is soon after returning from school. Although starting it immediately after returning from school isn’t advised. The students stay physically and mentally tired and will struggle to work again. Similarly, if students think about doing the homework late at night, it may also lead to trouble.

Students usually retain most of the learning efficiently for a few hours after the classes. So, if they can attempt the assignments soon after returning, they will remember the rules and what they were asked to do. However, attempting them after a long time will make it harder for students to remember. Moreover, they will feel sleepy at night and will fail to complete it the next day.

Start with the Difficult Assignments

Start with the most challenging and time-consuming homework. Most students prefer to leave them for the last. However, contrary to that belief, students are most productive initially. After that, their brain and body keep draining, and leaving the tough work for the last will only increase their frustration.

Instead, if you are done with the challenging part at the start, you will be motivated to finish the rest of the homework easily quickly.

Take Occasional Breaks

Take small breaks while working on the homework. A break of five to ten minutes after an hour of work is essential for maintaining speed. Use this time to stroll on the terrace, quickly surf the internet or social media accounts, and stretch a bit.

This will break your mind from the monotony of assignment writing. You will feel more reenergized, and you can focus better after a small break. However, be alert not to extend the breaks over ten minutes. If the breaks get too long, that will hamper your speed. Students also struggle to focus properly after a long break.

Switch off Your Phone

Mobile phone is essential in today’s life. However, it is also the biggest source of distraction. So, if you plan to finish the homework within the deadlines, start by keeping the phone away from you. You can give an alternate number for your classmates to call you in case of any need. Using a phone that doesn’t support social media while doing homework is better.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking may have numerous benefits, but that isn’t ideal while doing homework. Students think that multitasking saves time. However, if you invest yourself in multiple tasks while writing something as important as homework, you won’t be able to focus on anything properly. That will inevitably affect the accuracy of the homework. This will drag the homework process unnecessarily.

Summing Up:

Homework is a constant in the life of every student. Homework helps them to learn the subjects properly. So, they must always learn and try to do it themselves. But that doesn’t mean you cannot ask for help. If you are stuck with something, always ask someone you trust to help you instead of wasting time. It can be your parents, older brother, professors, and even your classmates. There are also various online forums like Quora, where you can post queries and get instant solutions. However, before that, read these twelve tips, and you can finish the homework easily and quickly without hiring any external coursework help.

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