11 Ways in Which the World Tour Theme Can Impact Your Home Decor

If you love to travel, the world tour theme can be a distinguished way to bring some excitement into your home. The world tour theme has been gaining in popularity lately. People are fascinated by different cultures and want to bring some of them into their homes. If you think of using this theme in your home décor, you are definitely on the right track! This blog post will discuss 11 ways the world tour theme can impact your home decor. Keep reading for some great ideas!

Incorporate artwork and wall décor

Artwork is another great way to bring global elements into your home decor, especially if you opt for pieces with bright colors or cultural motifs. You could frame antique maps or area rugs, hang up silkscreen prints of your favorite cities, or display some beautiful calligraphy. For example, you could hang a painting of an Italian vineyard or create your grouping of travel photos printed on canvas.

Bring in globally-inspired furniture pieces

Embrace furniture with an international flair, such as intricate Moroccan lounge chairs or block-printed Indian ottomans. If you’re drawn to the look of vintage pieces, some furniture stores specialize in global antiques. For example, the online store WorldSouq has a vast selection of antique pieces worldwide.

Accessorize with colorful and eclectic textiles

Textiles are a great way to infuse the world tour theme into your home decor, especially if you choose globally-inspired designs. Indian tapestries or African mud cloth pillows can count a pop of color and pattern to the space, while Turkish rugs can instantly elevate your floors, for example. Even if you’re not a fan of vintage decor, you can incorporate global-inspired designs into your home by opting for modern textiles.

Make use of natural materials

From bamboo flooring to woven baskets and Japanese paper lanterns, incorporating natural materials into your home decor can help to create an earthy, rustic feeling that will transport you to a new destination with each glance. Whether you use wood elements to accent your existing furniture or incorporate natural pieces into the newly-made decor, using materials from around the globe is a great way to infuse your home with worldly charm.

Bring in exotic plants and flowers

Flowers and plants are a wonderful way to bring nature indoors, and wide varieties are native to other parts of the world. Consider adding potted orchids from Thailand, bonsai trees from China, or even a boxwood topiary from Italy. Not only will these plants help to transport you to faraway places as you gaze at them in your home, but they can also help to purify the air. For example, orchids are known for removing toxins like formaldehyde from the air.

Use global patterns in your fabrics and wallpaper

African mud cloth, Japanese kimono fabric, and Moroccan tile prints are all perfect examples of patterns that can add a sophisticated touch to any space. Choose patterns that feature colors from the world tour theme, such as teals and reds, to tie your home decor together. For example, an ogee-patterned wallpaper would significantly give your dining room a global feel. Another way to incorporate the world tour theme into your home decor is by using art and antiques from different parts of the world. Perhaps you have some vintage Japanese or African art pieces that you could display on shelves, mantels, desks, and coffee tables. Besides art, you may also consider incorporating other items from different countries into your home decor.

Incorporate worldly textiles into your decor

Throw a brightly-colored Mexican blanket over your sofa or drape a handmade Indian sari over your dining room table. You can also add Wool rugs, Turkish rugs, or tapestries to your floors and walls for a touch of the world in your home. No matter what you choose, adding textiles from around the world is a fantastic way to infuse your home with global flair.

Create a world map feature wall

If you want to infuse your home with a sense of adventure and worldliness, consider creating a feature wall that depicts one of the many beautiful maps around the globe. You can paint the map or use wallpaper featuring global patterns and colors. You could even cover the room in this theme or create a small feature wall. Another way to bring the world tour theme into your home decor is by incorporating global accents or textiles. For example, tapestries, throws, and decorative pillows with global patterns can help add a sense of worldly sophistication to any room.

Hang flags from countries

Hang flags from countries you’ve visited (or would like to visit) to add a fun, adventurous touch to your decor. These can be dangled on the wall or draped from the ceiling, and you can even create a feature wall out of them by hanging them in rows or creating a collage. If you’re looking for more subtle ways to incorporate the world tour theme into your home decor, try incorporating global-inspired artwork, such as prints of famous monuments or photographs from your travels.

Incorporate travel-inspired textiles

Another great way to add worldly sophistication to your home decor is by incorporating travel-inspired textiles, such as magnificent tapestries, richly embroidered linens, and luxurious rugs. These can help infuse your space with a sense of luxury and elegance that will make any space instantly more inviting. For example, you could display a majestic wall tapestry on one of your walls or incorporate luxurious silk rugs into your living room or bedroom decor.

Layer rugs from different cultures

Layering rugs from different cultures is another great way to add a global touch to your room. Try layering inexpensive decorative rugs in various patterns and colors or get more high-end pieces from countries you’ve visited. This adds warmth and texture to any room and can be particularly effective for living rooms or bedrooms where you want to create a cozy and inviting space. For this type of rug, you can buy rugs from RugKnots, a site that sells high-quality, authentic rugs worldwide for reasonable prices.


Adding a global touch to your home decor can be easy and fun, and there are many ways to do it. Whether you layer different types of rugs or incorporate artifacts from your travels into your space, incorporating world tour elements can help create a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere that reflects who you are and where you’ve been.

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