Some things we do once, and others we repeat without even counting. But what if there are things we never even consider doing, whether we’ve been living in a city or just visiting? This statement is true for a city like Melbourne because it offers a lot. We’ve summarized a list of ten things to do in Melbourne at least once, so count all those you’ve never tried.

Go on a safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo

If you want to see animals in their natural habitat, you have to visit a Werribee Open Range Zoo. The fact that animals are free to roam across 225 hectares of land is what makes this zoo unique. You won’t feel sad for the animals as they are free to roman and enjoy their life, not like in traditional zoos. They offer a safari experience, so the experience is definitely worth your time.

Attend an open-air movie night at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

The Royal Botanic Gardens is worth visiting anytime. Whether you just want to take a break from the city vibe or spend a day surrounded by greenery, the Royal Botanic Gardens is always a great choice. It also offers a number of fun activities, from guided tours to watching movies at an open-air movie night. Just take a comfy blanket with you, just in case you want to lounge on the grass.

Drive down the Great Ocean Road

The drive down the Great Ocean Road is an adventure. Even though it might require you to spend more than just a day, it’s a good activity to do once in your life. Just prepare yourself ahead of time to navigate many twists and turns as this road is like a long moving snake. But, the scenery will be worth the kilometres.

Go on a Yarra River boat ride

Yarra river stretches right in the middle of Melbourne. There are many things to do, from scenic walks to boat rides and cruises during the day and night. It can be a way to spend a romantic evening on a dinner cruise. You can hop on a ferry or book a private tour or even take one of the smaller boats and spend several hours cruising on the Yarra river.

Go on a guided walking tour

Whenever a city is this big and well-known, there are plenty of walking tours for tourists and those who want to act like tourists. If you want to hear more about Melbourne, get a chance to meet new people and do something as a group, you should check out one of the walking tours. Some of them are paid while there are also free tours.

Take a hot air balloon ride

The hot air balloon ride is definitely something you have to try at least once. If you want to have a 360 view of all Melbourne’s beauty, this one is for you. You can choose from flying above the urban area or above nature and the beautiful countryside outside of Melbourne. You have to know that these tours take place early in the morning, so get ready to wake up beyond your typical hours.

Do everything tourists do in Melbourne for one day

Maybe, for at least one time, you can step into a role of a typical Melbourne tourist. So, what do tourists do in Melbourne? They have fun, especially during the night. You can use this chance to visit one of Melbourne brothels, and enjoy yourself as tourists do. Sometimes we have to step away from our typical lives and step into the shoes of a tourist and act like we’re on a vacation.

Learn about history at the Immigration museum

If you’ve never paid much attention in history classes during school, you can make up for it. The  Immigration museum in Melbourne documents its history and covers everything from early European settlements to the current day.

Read a book at the State Library Victoria

If your new year’s resolution is to be more present in the moment and take a pause from doom scrolling, we invite you to visit the State Library Victoria. The calmness and quietness of this amazing institution will fill you with ease and calmness. You can disconnect from your phone by going to read at the State Library.

Explore all museums

You probably know several people who only go to museums only if they’re travelling. But, have they ever visited museums in their own city? Are you one of those people? If you are, that’s okay because you can easily change this. If you want to start with the classic museum exhibitions, go to the National Gallery of Victoria. If you want to navigate a different world, go to an ACMI. You can always find something exciting at Scienceworks. All in all, many museums deserve your attention, at least once!

All of these activities are perfect for both the natives and the tourists. All you have to do is find the most interesting ones and start from there.

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